2+2+2 Engineering Program

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A Six Year Educational Program

Offered by: Lansing School District, Lansing Community College and Michigan State University. 

The Lansing School District/Lansing Community College/Michigan State University 2+2+2 Engineering Program is a six-year program for students from Lansing Eastern, Everett, and Sexton High School who are interested in pursuing an engineering degree.  Early College students are not eligible. Students admitted to the program will begin in their junior year of high school. After two successful years in this program and graduation from the Lansing School District students will be admitted to LCC’s Pre-Engineering Program for two years.  Upon successful completion of their LCC program, they will be admitted to the MSU College of Engineering.

The 2+2+2 Engineering Program is intended for students who show interest and ability in any aspect of math or science, who have demonstrated personal commitment, direction, and original thought, who are curious, creative, and have the potential to succeed. 

Program Benefits

  1. Full tuition scholarship
  2. The first two years (maximum of four years) at LCC and the last two years (a maximum of five semesters) at MSU.  Students may attend LCC part-time, and therefore are eligible for more than two years.
  3. Support services during the program
    1. Mentoring/tutoring
    2. After school and/or Saturday special events at LCC/MSU or in the community
    3. Visits to local firms which employ engineers and/or classroom visits from engineers.

Program Requirements

1.    If a student successfully fulfills the academic requirements of the Lansing School
District/Lansing Community College/Michigan State University 2+2+2 ENGINEERING PROGRAM contract:
      a.    The student is guaranteed admission to LCC in pre-engineering and then to the MSU College of Engineering.
      b.    The program carries a tuition and fees stipend for the years of the colleges’ undergraduate program: the first ‘2’ years at LCC and the last ‘2’ years at MSU.  The award may be part of a regular financial aid award, and students will be assisted in applying for any relevant aid. Housing and books are not a covered expense.
2.    To successfully fulfill the contract, a student must:
      a.    Have attended a Lansing School District high school in grades 9 and 10
      b.    Be enrolled in challenging math and science courses in grades 11 and 12
      c.    Attend classes and special activities at least 90% of the time; and
      d.    Maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average to remain in the 2+2+2 Engineering Program (see contract for specific details).
3.    By fulfilling the terms of the contract:
      a.    LCC and MSU will invite the student to participate after graduation; and
      b.    Students will retain the right to attend any college of their choice, should they be accepted; however, the 2+2+2 Engineering Program award would only apply to LCC and MSU.

How To Apply

  1. Complete the LCC admissions application
  2. Receive their student number.
  3. Claim their account in order to receive their TUID and password

As the application is comprised of several steps, be sure to complete the preparatory steps listed below.

You will access the General Scholarship Application link. 
You will sign into the scholarship application using your LCC TUID and password. 

Once your General Scholarship Application is submitted, information from your LCC record is added to the application. Review this information by clicking on the Applicant Record tab at the top of the application.
After reviewing your LCC record, click on the Opportunities tab at the top of the application. 2+2+2 A Scholarship should be listed.  Click on the scholarship name, answer the questions, and enter the email address of your second reference and parents.  Click on Apply. To be considered for the 2+2+2 Engineering Program, students must complete the online General Scholarship Application by Friday, November 9, 2018.

Questions about the application?  Call the LCC Foundation at 517-483-1985 
Students will be notified by letter late in January as to their acceptance in the Program. 

Preparing your Application

You will need to supply emails for the following: 

  • Parents or Guardians
  • References
  • Counselor

Your parents/guardians will be asked to write a brief paragraph regarding if and how receiving this scholarship would benefit their child’s educational goals. 

The purpose of the 2+2+2 Engineering Program is to provide academic scholarships to Lansing Community College and Michigan State University which includes consideration based on financial need.  Prior to admission to those schools, students will complete and submit financial aid forms. 

Your references should answer the following questions.

  1. Why are you recommending this student for the 2+2+2 Engineering Program?
  2. Why do you feel that this student would excel in the field of engineering?
  3. What obstacles have you seen the student overcome in his/her High school career?
  4. What are the student’s strengths? Areas for improvement?

They should include any other information specific to the student they feel the selection committee should know. This will help the committee make an informed decision and select the best candidates for the 2+2+2 Engineering Program. Prepare to complete the General Scholarship Application by completing the following steps:
1.    Write a personal statement.  Your statement should include:
       a.    Why you would like to participate in the 2+2+2 Engineering Program at Lansing Community College and Michigan State University—College of Engineering.
       b.    What interests you in the field of engineering and what you would like to accomplish in this type of career.
       c.    What you see yourself doing 10 years from now.
       d.    What challenges have you had to overcome in order to better prepare yourself for a career in engineering?
       e.    Include any personal history including work related experience, internships, community service and leadership experience or special circumstances.
       f.    We encourage you to use word processing tools to confirm that your essay is grammatically accurate. You may preview the content of your essay to ensure that no unusual formatting occurs after copy/paste from another program.
2.    Obtain Most Recent High School Transcript
       a.    Transcripts will be uploaded to the online scholarship application; therefore, you should scan or copy and save these as a .pdf file prior to beginning the application process.  Your counselor can upload your transcript.
3.    Obtain Highest ACT Scores and other test scores.
       a.    ACT and other scores will be uploaded to the online scholarship application; therefore, you should scan or copy and save these as a .pdf file prior to beginning the application process. Your counselor can help if necessary.
4.    Identify References
       a.    An applicant must submit TWO letters of recommendation; at LEAST once of them MUST be from a math or science teacher.
       b.    Request permission to use an individual as a reference PRIOR to entering their contact information
       c.    Ensure your reference(s) will submit a timely response
       d.    Obtain the name and email address of your reference(s)
       e.    You will enter the contact information for your reference(s) in the application. An email with instructions will immediately be sent to the individual.
       f.    You will be able to confirm that a reference has been submitted, but you will not be able to view the reference.
       g.    It is your responsibility to make sure recommendations are received.
       h.    You may submit additional names if needed.
       i.    Additional information can be found on the LCC website.