English Language Learner Services

The Lansing School District provides services to support English language acquisition as well as assistance in helping students achieve equitable access to grade level and content area expectations.


PDF DocumentELL/ESL Student Terminology: ELL, LEP, Bilingual, FLEP defined

PDF DocumentCourse Offerings: ESL courses offered by building

PDF DocumentStaff Support: List of Bilingual Instructional Assistants by language and building

PDF DocumentCommunity Outreach Support: Linking ELL families to community resources

PDF DocumentCultural Brokers: assistance in bridging cultural and language gaps (to request services please see “Processes and Forms”)

PDF DocumentDemographic and Academic Information on Bilingual Population: Charts, graphs, country of origin and language information

PDF DocumentELL Parent Advisory Committee

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Mandated Services

ELPA Testing and process to annually measure ELL proficiency, monitoring of student academic progress.As part of No Child Left Behind the Michigan Department of Education requires:

  1. New ELL students be assessed with the W-APT Screener within 30 days of a new school year or within 10 days of enrollment.
  2. The District to annually test LEP students in the spring for their English language proficiency levels.
  3. The monitoring of progress of Formerly Limited English Proficient (FLEP) students.
  4. Provisions for EL students to meet state academic content and performance standards.
  5. Procedures to determine the effectiveness of services offered to EL students.
  6. A clear process to address complaints related to EL services.
  7. Effective means of parent outreach to EL parents.
  8. Procedures to notify parents of English proficiency levels, services available, exit requirements, and refusal of services.
  9. A process to meet the needs of EL special education  students.   
  10. Procedures that ensure the district is on target to meet the minimum standards of the three Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO).