Bilingual Education Process

The Journey of an ELL Student

Enrollment Form/Home Language Survey

When a student enrolls two questions are asked:

  • Is your child’s native language a language other than English?
  • Is the primary language in your child’s home or environment a language other than English?

If the answer is “yes,” that student is referred for English Language proficiency testing.

English Language Proficiency Testing

The ELPA Screener is used to assess proficiency levels. This test must be administered within 30 days of a new school year or within 10 days of enrolling. This test is coordinated by the district wide testing coordinator and administered by building staff supported with general funds. Bilingual Instructional Assistants in the building will work with the testing staff to ensure students are assessed within the mandated timeframe.

ELPA Assessment Information: contact Francisca Kidder at 517-755-2935

Parent Notification

If a student qualifies for ELL services the parents will be notified of program options and offered the right to refuse services.

Placement in Appropriate ELL Program

ELL students will be placed in a program that:

  • Helps them develop English language skills
  • Allows students to meaningfully participate in educational programs and meet the same academic content and achievement standards that all Michigan students are expected to achieve.

Appropriate service placement also allows for students to:

  • Have access to comparable facilities as non-ELL students, staff trained to support ELL students, adequate instructional materials, regular access to English speaking peers, and participation in special programs (special education, talented and gifted program).

Monitoring Student Progress

Bilingual Instructional Assistants, ESL teachers, and grade level/subject teachers will monitor student progress and submit a Bilingual Service Form (see Monitoring Folder in Contents) to the Bilingual Office two times per year.

Recommendations made on the Service Form will be implemented by building staff and monitored by the Bilingual Education Department. After Spring ELPA testing each year the service plan will be updated to reflect progress. Students who have not progressed adequately will be identified and a plan for intervention will be created.

Exiting Students from The Program

In order to meet the required state and district exit criteria for ELLs, students must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The student demonstrates the ability to meet grade level performance standards in all content areas
  • The student scores Advanced Proficient on the ELPA Spring Assessment
  • The student scores Proficient on MEAP or MME (Math and/or ELA)

Parents can also withdraw a child from program services at any time by signing the notification letter.

Monitoring Formerly Limited English Proficient (FLEP) Students

A follow up will be done following the student’s exit from the Bilingual/ESL program for a period of 2 years to monitor progress. Appropriate interventions will be provided if the student does not sustain academic progress and reentry into the ESL program is an option. Criteria for determining meaningfully progress outside the ELL program will include but not be limited to MEAP and MME scores, credits earned, GPA, teacher and staff input.

Program Evaluation

Each year the State of Michigan assesses the progress of our English Language Learners through Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO).This assessment is intended to show that ELLs are progressing and all programs are serving them well. Student progress, proficiency levels and AYP are measured.

An ELL Program Evaluation Rubric is also used each year to determine program strengths and areas for improvement.

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Policies have been created from MI-MAP, US Department of Education/Office of Civil Rights and Resource Materials for Planning and Self-Assessments, MDE Website Resources for English Language Learners