Translation/Interpretation Services

Translation and Interpretation (Cultural Brokers) Form

While Bilingual Assistants are critical to supporting the EL population, the need for language/cultural support exceeds the capacity and role the Bilingual Assistants can provide. As a result, the department regularly contracts with Cultural Brokers to help meet the needs.

A cultural broker is a contracted member who speaks a highly specialized language and assists with interpretation and translation needs for the district. Cultural Brokers facilitate communication between parents, staff, and community agencies and can be frequently found supporting school services like parent teacher conferences, IEPs, school meetings and specialized interventions with at risk students.

The Bilingual Department’s current pool of cultural brokers consists of 75 people speaking over 20 of the most frequently requested languages by the district.

Please complete the following form to request native language support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Trisha Dowell. Thank you.

1. What is your specific request for a Cultural Broker?


Language Lines

In an effort to help families communicate more effectively with the district and school buildings, we are reminding you to please share and utilize the below phone numbers. Parents can call and leave a message on one of the below lines and it will be checked and followed up by the Bilingual Education department and referred accordingly. These lines are for non-emergencies and are designed to provide a resource for staff to help families voice their questions and concerns when interpreters are not available to assist.

Arabic: 517-755-1375

Burmese: 517-755-1372

English: 517-755-1370

French: 517-755-1378

Nepali: 517-755-1373

Somali: 517-755-1374

Spanish: 517-755-1271

Swahili: 517-755-1376

Vietnamese: 517-755-1377

*When leaving a message, please make sure to leave the student’s name, student’s school and a return phone number*