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Elementary Engineering Edventures

Just what are we exploring in Engineering this semester?

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Our kindergarteners are learning to program a robot named Roamer.  With Roamer's help, they are learning position words i.e. forward, toward, away from and many more!  We have played tug-of-war to investigate forces like push and pull and we are really having fun building different sized cars to race and observe how each moves differently!

What do people need to survive?  !st grade is not only learning about needs and wants but they are designing and working together to build structures that show what people need!  We have made outstanding tents, clothes and even food!

2nd grade has been about measuring accurately and designing and building with their teammates exciting castles!  They know the major parts of castles and also their function!  It is fun to use our imaginations and it is even more fun to use good teamwork!

Robots!!  Mrs. Patrick's 3rd grade class is soon to be celebrating their robotic accomplishments with the public!  Due to the snow day on Friday, 2/08/13 the event will be rescheduled.  We will post when the new date and time is and please try to join us!

Mrs. Jenness' class has just begun their adventures in robotics and Mrs. Looney's class is studying Force and Motion!

4th Grade is seriously learning about architecture.  They are building arches, walls with buttresses, dams, cantilevers and more!  Every lab is a competition to reach higher and do better!!  The MSU Society of Women Engineers visit every other week as well!

5th Grade! Wow!  It is about ENERGY and working with MSU's College of Engineering students in heating our compost bin using wind/solar heat.  We are learning all about solar energy and in the spring look forward to designing and building and then testing our very own solar ovens!