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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Students at Lansing STEM Academy experience curriculum enhanced by an enriched exposure to math, science, and engineering. These cutting edge subjects are integrated into every content area including literacy, art, and social studies. Students are exposed to hands-on, investigative activities that challenge their minds and stretch their imaginations.

Math, science, and engineering aren’t just problems in textbooks at Lansing STEM Academy. Students explore beyond the equations and formulas to gain a true understanding of important concepts about how the world works, and how engineers and scientists investigate questions and collect evidence to answer those questions.

What makes Lansing STEM special?

Inquiry and exploration are daily occurrences at Lansing STEM Academy where students are encouraged to test scientific theories and delve into mathematical principles. Students are trained to think like scientists and engineers and problem solve as they are presented with real-world projects that give them engaging ways to learn. They use technology to research, display, and present their growing knowledge.

Lansing STEM Academy students see and experience how math, science, and engineering are put to use by professionals such as veterinarians, doctors, engineers, and horticulturists. They explore scientific principles in the natural settings of several of Mid-Michigan’s nature centers and zoos and use mathematics to represent and understand their findings, and document their work with technology.


Features at Lansing STEM!

  • Engineering Teachers for grades K-5
  • Engineering, science and computer labs
  • 3rd grade robotics
  • 2nd grade Annie’s Big Nature Lesson
  • 4th grade MSU Society of Women Engineers Program
  • 5th grade Capstone Project with MSU College of Engineering
  • VEX IQ Robotics for 5th-8th grade
  • Science Club, 20/20 and Zanta Club
  • Lunchtime and after school tutoring
  • After school Y-care





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