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Averill New Tech K- 3


Welcome to Averill New Tech's page dedicated for our Kindergarten through Third Grade Classrooms! Please visit us on our social media accounts. 



We will have our annual Open House to welcome families and students back into the school year on August 21st from 4:00 – 6:00 pm.

Meet Our Team 



Mr. Stalter, Principal                                             Ms. Bordayo, Secretary
paden.stalter@lansingschool.net                         elda.boradyo@lansingschools.net




Mrs. Ruby, Kindergarten                                        Mrs. Townsend, Kindergarten debbie.ruby@lansingschools.net                           jo.townsend@lansingschools.net


First Grade 


Mrs. Solak, First Grade Teacher                                 Open First danielle.drake@lansingschools.net                  Contact Information to be added


Second Grade 



Mrs. Meeder, Second Grade Teacher                      Ms. Olmstead, Second Grade Teacher 
meredith.meeder@laninsgschools.net                    jessica.olmstead@lansingschools.net


Third Grade



Mrs. Bossie, Third Grade Teacher                         Ms. Norwood, Third Grade Teacher 
karen.bossie@lansingschools.net                         marion.norwood@laningschools.net


Support Staff



Mrs. Stepter, Instructional Coach                          Mrs. Andrejczuk, Instructional Assistant 
marian.stepter@lansingschools.net                      kim.andrejczuk@lansingschools.net



Mrs. Garza, Instructional Assistant                        Mrs. Woodard, Resource Resource 
linda.garza@lansingschools.net                            nicole.woodard@lansingschools.net



Mrs. Townsel                                                         Mrs. Sherill-Kowalski, Speech Therapist
toni.townsel@lansingschools.net                          michelle.sherill-kowalski@lansingschools.net



Mrs. Johnson, Student Support Specialist