After School Choir and Recorder




Choir for kindergarten through third grade students

Lyons has a wonderful choir.  Students in grades K through three make up the Lyons Avenue Elementary Choir.  They perform in programs at the school and they also perform in the community.  Last year they sang at VIP assemblies and School Concerts. Anyone who will make the commitment to come to practices and be at performances is eligible to be in the choir.  Good behavior is an important component for choir members - remember, we sing in front of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.  Good manners and polite behavior is expected from each and every choir member. 

Choir Practices times 

Kindergarten and 1st grade students
Monday and Tuesday -  dismissal time until 5:15 pm

2nd and 3rd grade students
Tuesday and Wednesday - dismissal time until 5:15 pm

Each group will have one day to practice separately and one day of combined practice.

Children will need a ride home after choir practice. Students that live close enough and have someone to walk with may walk home.   Please keep in mind that it will be dark when practice is over in late fall and winter, so all children will need to be picked up. Pick up time is 5:15 pm.  Children absolutely must be picked up at 5:15.  If you know you will be late, please make arrangements to have your child picked up on time.  Consistent late pick-ups may cause your child to be dropped from choir.

Children who ride the bus will not be allowed to get on the bus at dismissal on Choir Night unless the classroom teacher receives a note from the parent/guardian.  This is to eliminate the possibility of a child forgetting about practice, and going home to an empty house -  which would be really scary for all of us!!!  Also, the front door will be locked when the office closes around 4:15 pm.  Just knock on the red doors at the gym entrance - knock loud and often 

Choir members may bring a snack from home to eat at practice (No pop, please  - pop gets spilled, I have to mop).  Children will have time to eat snacks, use the restrooms,  and start or do homework before we start to sing.  

Attendance at extra performances, if we have any scheduled -  Old Town, Potter Park, etc. is optional.

Attendance at school concerts is mandatory! It's what we work for at all practices. Concerts are held in the school gym.

How do you get in Choir?

Easy - follow these steps:

  1. Get a permission slip
  2. Return the signed (after it is read!) permission slip
  3. Agree to come to all choir practices (I understand that sometimes it is absolutely impossible, but missing many means you won't be able to learn all the songs)
  4. Agree to attend all school concerts. There are 2 or 3 concerts a year and are in the evening - usually starting at 6:30 and ending about 40 min. to an hour later. There is NO wiggle room for this one. So....if you know now that it will be impossible for you to get back to the school at 6:30 and have a ride home at the end, please do not sign up for choir.




Recorders is for third grade students. The students will learn to play the recorder and hopefully learn to read music!  Practice will be on Wednesdays during lunch recess.

The procedure for recorder practice simple; come to practice if you are in school and listen carefully because we have only 20 minutes to practice!