Everett New Tech Projects

Some example ENTH Class Projects (more to come):

Mythbusters | 10th Grade EnviroArt

Everyday, we hear claims about many things – is it true that if you step on a crack you’ll break your mother’s back? When you flush the toilet, spray from the flushing travels across the room to where your toothbrush is stored? What about the claims you hear about different products?  Do paper towels really do what they say they can do? Is using hand sanitizer really better than not using hand sanitizer? Product testing is a form of mythbusting. Your team has been hired to bust myths: Your job: test a product claim. Your mini mythbusters experiment will communicate your results and you must show the following: ►Show how you used the principles of experimental design
►The lab safety procedures you followed (physical document of lab safety)
►A storyboard illustrating the procedures of your experiment
►Report whether you busted or confirmed the myth and support your conclusion with concrete evidence in a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation

Themes Around the World

7th Grade ELA/Eastern Hemisphere
Driving Question: As ENTH learners, how can we find themes in the world around us?

Big Ideas: folk tales around the world, themes in literature, Eastern Hemisphere continents, 5 themes of geography, mapsCulminating Project: Students will work in groups to create Prezi presentations.  Each group will be responsible to teach their peers the content from their presentation.

The Art of Transformation | 9th/10th Geometry

Driving Question: Can art transform our mathematical thinking?

Big Idea: Students worked together to create a collaborative piece of art using all four geometric transformations. The piece of art created could be in any form from painting to sculpting to dance. In addition to creating their piece of art, students were required to create step by step instructions in order to recreate their piece of art research the history of their art form, and the impact their art form has had on society.

Audience: Students art pieces will be showcased at the first Project Showcase night. A couple examples of final products are below.