School Improvement Team

The School Improvement Team meets on the second Monday of every month in room 100. 

PDF DocumentSchool Improvement Plan 2014-15

December 2014 SIT Meeting

SIT meeting, Dec. 8
Attendees:  Meeker, Martin, Bryde, Ali, Farrell, Scott, Farell, Cook, Davenport, Lewis, Nash, Slee
Minutes/notes from last time - approved (Farell made motion, seconded by Slee)
Departmental - Meeker shared amounts from list provided by Noecker
Farrell - we need to buy paperbacks, don't have money
Lewis - wants overall, transparent budgets - categorical and building
Davemport - need to evaluate all programs, esp. Kurzweil - survey staff about use, technology needs, etc
Martin - get copies before next meeting so we can familiarize
Slee - explained what is being covered by each categorical budget
- will make survey - Kurzweil - are you using it? how are you using it?  how many computers are you using it?  do your computers work?  what do you need to use it more?  would you like a refresher course?
On-Site Review - March 2015
Details about visit will be shared when details come from MDE
Components #1, 2, 9, 10 need to be improved (but original documents written by district)
Room 125
Davenport - request for feedback - some sort of lesson plan/protocol
- We want guidelines for behavior room - should have already been in place
- We need to know plan for students - Moore is not a certified teacher, can't keep students down there for multiple days
- Written feedback for teachers who send students down to room 125
- Also want to make sure there's a sign-in sheet 
- We all need to be on the same page
Lewis - Supposed to redirect behavior
- PBIS - how are we following up on behavior referrals?
- if everyone's not doing it, won't work - not consistent or fair for students and teachers
- certain students will get let in without being sent by a teacher
- Safety issue - can't have students wandering the halls
Meeker - teacher accountability - why are they sending students down there?  how do they get sent down there?
Scott - need a protocol
Farell - thinks we send students to Williams, then they get sent to 125 instead of being suspended
Trying to do positive incentives for good behavior, good grades - is there money in the budget for incentives?  or in pop fund?
Lewis - can we access pop fund for incentives?
- Sherrod did survey of students about what would motivate students, as well as criteria for being included in positive rewards - did results get shared?
Farell - can we get tickets to athletic events?
Meeker - Need a refresher on lockdown procedure ASAP
Also:  Need a procedure for letting people know when there are drills and lock downs - not everyone can hear announcements - how can we make sure all teachers and staff are alerted?
Need to teach students as well
Martin - need to teach/review ALL procedures - weather, fire, 
- Also, no consequences for tardies!!!
Davenport - we should do hall sweeps - should really start at beginning of year
- we have a severe attendance problem
Lewis - tardy policy was set up for teachers - notify attendance clerk, they send letter to parents
Farell - please stop being tardy or you leave me no choice but to ask you to please stop being tardy again 
Business for next meeting:
  • Realistic responses to tardiness
    • Detention after-school
    • Lunch detention
    • Martin --> propose a few good ideas to admin and see what they can live with

November 2014 SIT Meeting

Notes from November 10 SIT meeting
2:45 pm-3:45 pm
Attendees:  Meeker, Gleason (parent), Nash, Lewis, Bryde, Ali, Rubio, Farrell, Williams, Martin, Slee
Discussion of minutes
Add to list of visioning (from parent):
- Actively engaged with legislators    
- Look for grant money from community members, other sources
- LCC has partnership program - to help students be college ready; new initiative
  • Send everyone the Wordle (Slee)
  • Homework:  Write 1-2 sentences that synthesize the words in the Wordle
  • Get a sample of responses from each grade level - send directions/prompts to teachers, ask for volunteers to gather info from their classes
School Improvement Framework
  • Develop calendar of deliverables, events, timetable - post in both staff wellness and in annex (Slee)
Stakeholder Involvement Plan
Discussion of Strand IV - School, Family and Community Relations
Gleason - vary times for parent-teacher conferences; Edline is a thorn in the side of parent advisory council - no standard for using it by teachers
Farrell - use PD time to email and call parents; electronic parent-teacher conferences; more time built in to what we are already doing to communicate with parents; what about during testing week?
Martin - swap PD slot for parent-teacher conferences; Edline is an "after the fact" thing - too late, should find another, more timely way to share progress
Farell - attendance is low for conferences anyway - do we mix things up for small returns?
Bryde - parents only count once (even if they show up on multiple dates) - verify with Noecker
Rubio - does electronic contact count?  come up with a tracking form for teachers
  • No official standards for using Edline, no clear expectations
  • Actual usage by students is low (Farell) - lack of interest
  • Should we come up with Edline expectations?  Rubio - no, teachers don't have time for anything extra
  • Lewis - have we recently surveyed parents about ways to communicate re: progress? do our own survey (state survey is terrible)
  • Martin - we need a basic standard of teacher participation (bare minimum); have a dialogue and standardize how Edline is used
  • Farell - maybe we standardize how grades are posted
  • Robo call, email, send letters home to notify parents about survey - incentivize by having a drawing 
Martin - proposal to put agenda on front page + standardization of how grades are entered
  • Update grades once a week + post agenda for coming week, save assignments by date
Gleason - goal is to standardize grading process by next school year (Edline or other grading program)
PTO is working on parent workshop night - what parents need to know, plus what community organizations have to share (Like Pontiac Academy's "Parent Empowerment Day" - Slee will get ideas from them)
Parent survey - Slee & Bryde will work on this - times for conferences, modes of communication, etc.
Next meeting:  would like to see budgets