Distribution Services

Our mission is to "To deliver materials to staff and building personnel in a timely and efficient manner". Our office hours are 6:55 AM-3:25 PM.


Off-site record storage is maintained in the Lansing School District warehouse. To make use of this storage area, records are to be packaged in archive boxes that can be obtained from the warehouse.

Courier Service

Intra-district mail is delivered to each building daily using the Lansing School District courier service. The courier service schedule is modified during school breaks. Contact the Purchasing Department for more information.

Furniture Moving

A truck is available to move furniture and equipment between Lansing School District buildings. Send a written request to the Purchasing and Distribution Office for removal of surplus items, the moving of items between buildings, or the loan of furniture. Please allow at least one week advance notice for moves of furniture and materials.


Most orders are delivered to your building by the supplier. When you receive an order (other than small purchase orders), send the packing slip to the Purchasing and Distribution Department marked received and signed. Retain a copy in your building. Distribution staff will process the receipt in the CIMS computer system.

Supply Inventory

Frequently used products are maintained in the warehouse for use by District staff. Please refer to the Lansing School District supply catalog for a listing of items available. To initiate a supply order, enter a supply requisition using the CIMS computer system, screen WHS.410, Warehouse Batch Input.