Subject Resources

Nanomedicine Nears the Clinic by David Voss
Nature's Tiny Helping Hands by Karen Schmidt

Houston, Oct 20 (PTI) Breast cancer tumors could be a thing of the past as a discovery made by an Indian-American professor moots blowing up the carcinogenic lumps to pieces using tiny bombs developed by nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology and Cancer National Cancer Institute

The Causes Behind World War I The Home Front
Archduke Francis Ferdinand Women at War
World War I Theatres of War Black Soldiers During World War 1
Trench System Wilson's 14 Points
  The Treaty of Versailles
Weapons of War     Warfare Game
Play the game “Trench Warfare. There are four missions that need to be done in order. Follow the text prompts and instructions.  If you make it through the fourth mission tell how you did it, in other words your plan.  If you don’t make it to the forth plan, tell what went wrong.  This is a fun activity J
The Bayonet
Poison Gas
World War I WebQuest
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