Student Consequences

Student Consequences

Basic Room Consequences


  1. Verbal warning and redirection...hopefully this will always be enough, but if not...
  2. Room consequence...could be a time out, no recess, etc.
  3. Ticket will be issued...taken home to be signed by a parent, and returned to school (notification to parent).
  4. If the behavior continues...student will be sent to a Buddy Room for a time out.
  5. After returning to our room, if the problem continues...another verbal warning.
  6. "In School" suspension for the rest of the morning or afternoon; along with a contact from the principal.
  7. Possible "Out of School" suspension.

Any serious behavior may result in an immediate trip to the office.  The Lyons Behavior Code along with the Lansing School District Code of Conduct will also be followed at all times.


This year each student may earn various tokens for good behavior, completing their work on time, and going above and beyond what they are supposed to do.  To keep track of these "tokens", each student will be given a necklace to string their tokens on and hopefully by the end of the year, each student's necklace will be filled.  Each student may also be awarded with coupons, or even get a dip in the "Freebee Prize" box.

We will also be awarding each week..."Citizen of the Week", nominated by the students in our homeroom, and at the end of the month..."Citizen of the Month".  Do you think you can be awarded this prize?


11,500 Enrollment by 2025
85% Graduation Rate by 2025
90% Attendance by 2025