Learning at Home

Dear Lansing School District Families,

In an effort to provide instructional support for our students, the Executive Team and Instructional Division, in conjunction with the Ingham Intermediate School District, are encouraging caregivers to utilize the resources provided below. These resources are a supplemental means of continuing to sharpen the skill sets of our students relevant to Michigan Department of Education Common Core Standards.

We are encouraging all families to stay connected with your child’s teacher(s) in the same manner as you have throughout this school year. Please contact us through Let’s Talk if you are having difficulty making contact.

The Lansing School District is committed to supporting the continued education of your child(ren) during this unprecedented time.  Be safe and be encouraged.

Let's Talk

Delsa D. Chapman, Ed.D.
Deputy Superintendent

PDF DocumentLansing School District Continutity of Learning Plan

Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plan (“Plan”) Application

As a result of COVID-19 and the closing of school buildings for the 2019-2020 School Year, school districts must submit a Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plan (“Plan”) in order to continue to receive state aid for operations. Although schools are closed and not providing in-person instruction, teaching and learning must continue. Michigan educators have been called to provide our students with continued learning. 

There are varied states of readiness to provide continuity in learning among districts. Even within districts of multiple school sites, there are varied states of readiness. It is expected that schools will provide instruction at a distance using a variety of methods that meet local needs, including printed materials, phone contact, email, virtual learning, or a combination to meet student needs. We should avoid assuming that continuity in learning can only occur through online means.

While many educators have been providing distance learning opportunities, the Governor’s Executive Order (EO 2020-35) requires all schools to begin providing learning opportunities for all students no later than April 28, 2020.  Districts who are able to begin their plans earlier are encouraged to do so.        

Each District shall submit a single completed Assurance Document, Budget Outline, and Continuity of Learning Plan to its Intermediate School District.  Each Public School Academy shall submit a completed Assurance Document, Budget Outline, and Continuity of Learning Plan to its Authorizer. A single Application should be filed for the district rather than multiple applications for individual schools within a district. The following items are required for the application which may be submitted beginning April 8, 2020:

  1. Assurances Document
  2. Continuity of Learning Plan
  3. Budget Outline

Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plan (“Plan”) Guiding Principles

As Districts and Public School Academies complete the Assurances and Continuity of Learning Plans, they should consider utilizing the following principles to guide their work:

Keep Students at the Center

Intentional outreach to continue building relationships and maintain connections. Help students feel safe and valued. At minimum, plan to do the following:

  • Plan for Student Learning: Build on each student’s strengths, interests, and needs and use this knowledge to positively affect learning.
  • Develop a Weekly Plan and Schedule: Offer routines and structures for consistency and for the balancing of think time, work time, and play time for health and well-being.
  • Contact Families: Partner to support student learning through ongoing communication and collaboration. This will not look the same for every student and family—safety remains the priority. Provide translations as necessary.

Design Learning for Equity and Access

Plan and deliver content in multiple ways so all students can access learning.

  • Teach Content: Set goals using knowledge of each student, content area standards, and of Michigan Merit Curriculum.
  • Deliver Flexible Instruction: Consider how to deliver content depending on tools and resources accessible to each student. Alternative modes of instruction may include use of online learning, telephone communications, email, virtual instruction, videos, slideshows, project-based learning, use of instructional packets, or a combination to meet diverse student needs.
  • Engage Families: Communicate with families about engagement strategies to support students as they access the learning. Families are critical partners. Provide translations as necessary.

Assess Student Learning

Manage and monitor student learning and plan what’s next for learning including the potential need for summer and supplemental learning.

  • Check Student Learning: Use a variety of strategies to monitor, assess, and provide feedback to students about their learning.
  • Make Instructional Adjustments: Use formative assessment results to guide educators’ reflection on effectiveness of instruction and to determine next steps for student learning.
  • Engage Families: Communicate with families about assessment results in order to inform next steps and the potential for supplemental summer learning. Provide translations as necessary.

Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plan (“Plan”) Assurances


Date Submitted: 04/13/2020

Name of District: Lansing School District

Address of District: 519 West Kalamazoo Street    Lansing, MI 48933

District Code Number: 33020

Email Address of the District: sam.sinicropi@lansingschools.net

Name of Intermediate School District: Ingham Intermediate School District

Name of Authorizing Body (if applicable): N/A

This Assurance document needs to be returned to your Intermediate School District or, for Public School Academies, your Authorizing Body with your Continuity of Learning Plan and Budget Outline beginning April 8, 2020 to indicate that the District will adopt a plan to ensure continuous learning for all students through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

Districts should submit a single district plan that relates to all of their schools.

The applicant hereby provides assurance it will follow the requirements for a Plan for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year:

  1. Applicant assures that all student learning will take place under the direction of a teacher of record for each student enrolled in the district. 
  2. Applicant assures that it will continue to pay school employees during the balance of the 2019-2020 school year under the same terms and conditions established prior to the school closure order period.
  3. Applicant assures that the Plan was developed in collaboration with district administrators, school board members, teachers, and local bargaining units.
  4. Applicant assures that food distribution has been arranged for or provided for eligible students.
  5. Applicant assures coordination between applicant and Intermediate School District in which the District/PSA is located to mobilize disaster relief child care centers.
  6. Applicant assures that to the extent practicable the District/PSA will in good faith provide students with IEPs/Section 504 Plans the opportunity to participate in learning consistent with existing plans.
  7. Applicant assures that Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plan, Assurance Document, and Budget Outline will be posted immediately following approval to the District’s/PSA’s website.

Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plan (“Plan”)

The goal of a Continuity of Learning Plan and COVID-19 Response Plan is to ensure that each District or Public School Academy is providing, to the best of its ability, each student with alternative modes of instruction to help them stay on pace in their learning. This application recognizes that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution; multiple means of engaging students and supporting families may be necessary that may vary by grade level, school building, or student population served.

For the purposes of the Plan, “district” refers to school districts and public school academies.

Date Submitted: 04/13/2020

Name of District: Lansing School District

Address of District: 519 West Kalamazoo Street  Lansing, MI 48933

District Code Number: 33020

Email Address of the District Superintendent: sam.sinicropi@lansingschools.net

Name of Intermediate School District: Ingham Intermediate School District

Name of Authorizing Body (if applicable): N/A

In accordance with Executive Order 2020-35 a Plan must include all of the following parts:


  1. Please describe the methods the district will use to provide alternative modes of instruction other than in-person instruction and a summary of materials each pupil and the pupil’s parents or guardians will need to access meaningfully the alternative modes of instruction included in the Plan. If the Plan relies on electronic instruction, the Plan must ensure to the extent feasible that pupils have access to a connected device capable of accessing the electronic instruction and must not penalize a pupil for the pupil’s inability to fully participate.

“Alternative modes of instruction” means modes of pupil instruction, other than in-person instruction, that may include, without limitation, partnerships with other districts or intermediate districts or community colleges or institutions of higher education, use of vendors, use of online learning, telephone communications, email, virtual instruction, videos, slideshows, project-based learning, use of instructional packets, or a hybrid of multiple modes of learning that still promote recommended practices for social distancing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

District/ PSA Response:

The Lansing School District will execute a mixed methods Continuity of Learning Plan to include a combination of hard copy learning packets and web-based MDE standards aligned digital platforms. The method of delivery was determined based on survey results and collaborative consensus from stakeholders including members of the Executive Team, Instructional Division, and School-Level Leadership along with School-Level Instructional and Support Staff.  Using a backwards design process, the plan includes a calendar that embeds content creation and product distribution that will allow for execution compliance on April 28, 2020.

Students in grades PreK – 12 will be provided remote learning as follows:

  • Pre-K GSRP students will continue learning via the High Scope curriculum through the on-line platform Core Advantage, which is traditionally used during the academic year for at-home learning and additional support to meet benchmarks and learning targets. GSRP administration and staff have a communication plan to inform families of the learning plan for PreK students which includes email and phone contact to occur beginning April 20th.
  • Elementary students in grades K-6 will receive district branded grade level packets published as Weeks 1-3 and Weeks 4-6 through direct delivery to their home address by Dean Transportation and school personnel. The learning packets will include district curriculum and resources from our HMH Journeys (ELA) and Go Math! lessons as outlined in the digital HMH Think Central resource due to the visual familiarity it affords both the students and their caregivers. Utilizing these resources also affords the students who have access to technology to complete the work online and also extend their learning by completing additional lessons in those same content areas. Science and social studies lessons have been prepared from a hands-on PBL embedded approach as K-2 experiences and 3-6 experiences with a weekly-scheduled lesson that can occur over a sequence of days. Through the district’s Department of Innovative Arts and Fitness the packet will provide lessons for the 6-week period specific to visual arts and physical education. The Office of School Culture will provide its own learning packet of lessons and family inclusive activities that address SEL (social emotional learning). The learning packets will include a customized letter from the school principal that provides instruction and guidance on completing the packets along with the parameters and measures for monitoring progress and providing feedback. Classroom teachers and support staff will work together to make minimum contact with the student/family at least twice per week: once via text and once via phone call. Additional opportunities for connectedness will occur via Google Classroom and a variety of previously used communication tools such as Class Dojo, Remind 101, Showbie, New Tech Network Echo, etc. As Chromebooks become purchased and available, we will have the opportunity to expand online learning to elementary students.
  • Secondary students in grades 7-12 will have a variety of options to continue their learning as it relates to final grades. The primary mode of learning for all students in grades 7-12 will be the web-based and technology supported program APEX. The district will distribute nearly 7,000 devices resulting in a 1:1 means of educational opportunity and support. The distribution will convene the week of April 20. Prior to distribution designated staff will contact every student in grades 7-12 to obtain clarification of the need for both a technology device and Wi-Fi access. The distribution process will include a Student and Parent Guide to the Lansing School District Continuity of Learning Plan for Grades 7-12. The tenets of the guide are as follows:

All students will receive their current (as of March 13) Marking Period 3 grade for their final Semester 2 grade. For any of the following options of continued learning, no student grade can or will be lower from the March 13 grade. However, student grades can be adjusted upward. Students will have the ability to continue their learning in each course using a modified  4th  Marking Period plan. See options below.


Option 1: Supplemental Learning: For students satisfied with their Semester 2 grade:

Students who are content with their final Semester 2 grade can choose to participate in supplemental learning, in each of their courses, through the supplemental APEX Learning Platform. This supplemental, online learning is an opportunity to continue learning without any changes to final grades. In other words, this option is not credit recovery. Students will complete the learning activities on their own as this option does not include teacher support. Student work on this platform will not be evaluated.

Option 2: Teacher Led Instruction: For students who want to improve their Semester 2 grade:

Students who want to improve their final Semester 2 grades, and/or continue learning through a teacher-led format, can participate in teacher-led lessons according to the attached schedule.

  • Time slots are designated for teachers to be available for each class and to provide learning opportunities. Teachers and students are not expected to engage during the entire scheduled time.
  • Students who adequately complete all of the assigned activities for each class will receive an increase of one letter grade.
  • Students may choose which classes they want to participate in to earn an increased grade.
  • Students must make a minimum of 1 weekly contact (through either: Google-classroom, email, phone, or attending virtual face-to-face meetings) with their teachers in the classes they are participating in. Students must complete assignments, activities, and projects to earn an increased grade.
  • Students who do NOT complete the assigned activities for each class will NOT receive an increase of one letter grade.

Option 3: “Taking a G”: For students who passed a class, but do not want their grade to affect their GPA. The “G” is applicable to current Lansing School District administrative practices that supports the provision of assigning a grade of “G” due to an extenuating circumstance.

Whether or not students participate in option 1 or 2, any student who is not happy with their grade, but is passing their class can opt to take a “G” for their Semester 2 grade. A “G” will not impact students’ GPA, but does indicate that the student earned the credit for the class.

Senior Credit Recovery: For seniors who have classes/credits to make up that are required for graduation:

Any senior who needs to make up credits for graduation must participate in the APEX credit recovery program. Students will need to communicate with credit recovery teachers to complete assessments and complete their required course. This option is only available for senior students to meet graduation requirements.

  • The Special Education Department of the Lansing School District, in response to Executive Order 2020-35, ensures all students with disabilities have equitable opportunities to access the methods for delivery of instruction, in accordance with all students in the Lansing School District.

Methods for delivery of instruction may include written, telephonic or virtual learning, including outreach, to each student with an IEP or 504 plan. Instruction and services will be delivered in light of each student’s individual circumstances and will be monitored on a weekly basis. Related services may include:

Speech and Language:

  • Support students and families with functional language skills at home
  • Promote generalization of already mastered articulation skills at home
  • Promote communication skills with families at home

School Social Work:

  • Support families of students with behavioral needs
  • Support students’ mental health needs by referral to the Office of School Culture
  • Provide resources to families

Occupational and Physical Therapy

  • Support families with sensory diets
  • Provide mindfulness activities and resources
  • Parent and student contact

In summary, the Lansing School District assures that all students grades Prek-12 will be supported and guided through remote learning as required as a result of Executive Order 2020-35. Students will not be penalized if they are unable to fully participate in remote learning. The Lansing School District will follow the recommendations of the Michigan Department of Education and MAISA as it relates to student engagement and time on task. Staff expectations for monitoring and feedback of student work will be carried out and documented through digital logs and applicable record keeping formats. Every effort will be made to ensure that students are provided an alternate mode of learning with embedded supports through the end of the school year.

  1. Please describe the methods the district will use to keep pupils at the center of educational activities, including outreach to continue building relationships and maintain connections, and to help pupils feel safe and valued.

District/ PSA Response:

The Lansing School District has been consistent with communication to families since the onset of the COVID-19 school closure. To keep the welfare of students and their families at the center of our quest during these unprecedented times, the Executive Team of the Lansing School District has utilized and will continue the use of surveys, district website postings and Let’s Talk web-based application, print materials, our local media, social media blasts, and the district’s InTouch robocall system which embeds email and texts with every notification. An added means of staying connected will be in place once the Continuity of Learning Plan is executed in the form of a telephone hotline. This connection option will involve school psychologists, social workers, school counselors, and student support specialists.

The district’s Office of School Culture will deploy its twenty-four (24) student support specialists to conduct daily phone check-in’s with assigned caseload students.  Student support specialists will also provide social emotional assistance by phone, email, and utilize virtual conferencing with individual students as needed. Principals and teachers will monitor and assess the needs of students and families.  Based on this feedback, student support specialists will make contact with individual students and families to determine what support and/or external resources are needed. Virtual conferencing with school administrators will convene when necessary in order collaborate on a higher or deeper level concerning the need of any individual student and family. 

As referenced in Question #1, the Department of Special Education will make every effort to ensure that students with disabilities are communicated with and accommodated as deemed necessary and in accordance with IDEA regulations for IEPs and 504 plans.

During Week II of closure, school level leaders provided a response to the Executive Team’s inquiry on how they were staying connected to their staff members and students. The response was impeccable and generated a need to compile the document into an administrative resource that will be utilized through out the school closure experience.

  1. Please describe the district’s plans to deliver content in multiple ways so that all pupils can access learning.

District/ PSA Response:

The Lansing School District will deliver content in multiple ways so that all pupils can access learning. As stated in Question #1 each grade span will be provided options as follows:

  • PreK students will engage with their regular High Scope Curriculum through the on-line platform Core Advantage. Families in need of technological support whether it be a device or Wi-Fi access will be provided those mechanisms after accessing them through the initial mode of learning set-up by the classroom instructors and program administrators.
  • Grades K-6 students will receive printed learning packets delivered to their homes the week of April 20th. The design of the packet allows for extended learning through a technology device which is optional. The printed packets are being provided to address equity and allow for a format that embeds lessons to address the whole child. Online opportunities for K-6 students will be expanded as devices become available.
  • Grades 7-12 students will be provided a technology device to engage in on-line learning through APEX Learning. Additionally, each student will receive a resource document that references seven (7) internet access options that are either free of charge or are being offered at a discounted rate during the time of school closure. The district will also provide hot spots as an option if that is the preferred mode of connectivity and there is a working device that can sync to the hot spot for Wi-Fi connection.

Additional means of access will be provided through language translation for EL students at all grade spans as well as the supports needed by students with disabilities at all grade spans via written, telephonic, and virtual modes of instruction.

  1. Please describe the district’s plans to manage and monitor learning by pupils.

District/ PSA Response:

The Lansing School District assures that the learning engaged in and attempted by pupils will be managed and monitored through multiple forms of communication and support. As we focus on the needs of the whole child there will be intentional outreach via on-going two-way communication among all stakeholders. Classroom instructors will carry out the two-way communication twice per week via an email on day 1 and a direct follow-up with a phone call or text message on day 2. Additional monitoring will occur through Google Classroom with classroom instructors convening office hours to provide support, guidance, and feedback on work completed. Teachers will also provide instructional sessions through Google Classroom on content that requires a review of background knowledge along with guidance on steps to master new content.

Criteria will be established by grade level to determine the rate at which students should show mastery in order to successfully complete content for the current school year and be best prepared for the 2020-2021 school year. Alternate forms of assessment will be used during the distance learning period. In most cases authentic formative assessment will be used through the submission of modified PBL projects, digital presentations, and written reports. Students in grades 9-12 completing and/or recovering credits for graduation who prefer a letter grade rather than a P (Pass) will complete APEX modified assessments.

In the fall of 2020, students will be assessed in grades K-3 with AimsWeb Plus to determine readiness and the need for re-teaching. Students in grades 4-12 will be assessed in the same manner using NWEA with MAP Growth in particular.

  1. Please attach a budget outline estimating additional expenditures associated with the Plan and sources of revenue to pay for those expenditures.

District/ PSA Response:

The Lansing School District will be reallocating grant funds where allowable to purchase additional Chromebooks in anticipation of needing to lend devices to students in order to participate in the alternate learning plan. Current estimates are approximately $2,043,000.00 to be available for the purchase of an estimate of 9,000 Chromebooks. The Lansing School District will also be printing about 16,998 work book packets to include academic content and SEL activities to distribute to students at the cost estimate of $4 each, therefore estimated at a cost of $67,988.00. In addition, 600 English Learner packets in multiple languages will be distributed at a cost of $4 each for an additional $2,400 in costs. In order to support our online learning program, teachers, administrators and support staff (545) will need to be provided with updated laptops at an approximate cost of $300,000.

Please see the attached budget outline.  

  1. Please describe the manner in which district administrators, board members, teachers, and any representatives of teachers collaborated in development of the Plan.

District/ PSA Response:

The Lansing School District Executive Team led by Sam Sinicropi, Interim Superintendent debriefed on Monday, April 6th after independent review of the Continuity of Learning Plan template over the dates of April 1st – 5th. The Executive Team agreed that a delegation of the Instructional Division would attend and participate on the April 6th Ingham ISD Zoom Session covering topics specific to the completion and submission of the Continuity of Learning Plan. A follow-up session convening the Instructional Division was held on Tuesday, April 7th.

The outcome of the session prompted an email notification to all elementary administrators to meet via Zoom on Wednesday, April 8th to discuss the requirements of the plan and the foundational framework of the plan as set forth by the Executive Team and Instructional Division.  The response to attend and participate was instantaneous. Members of the Instructional Division collaborated to execute a backwards design timeline and calendar for creation of the learning content, distribution of a product and related materials that would allow for mandated execution on April 28th. Prior to meeting with elementary administrators, the Instructional Division assigned them into content creating teams based on their expressed preferences when responding to attend the session. The elementary teams then reached out to classroom teachers for collaboration on essential standards and topics to consider for inclusion in the learning packet. Elementary teams were given a timeline to submit content by Monday, April 13th.

A strategic planning session convened with secondary administrators on Thursday, April 9th. The framework of the APEX supplemental and credit recovery programs along with a 6-week Session 1 and Session 2 schedule was developed. Secondary administrators shared that through survey data, Zoom sessions, and direct contact, instructional staff were included in discussions specific to managing and monitoring distance learning content. It was through those discussions that secondary administrators and the Instructional Division agreed upon the various options for course grade completion and the assignment of credits.

Special education staff provided input into this plan in the following manner: Google docs, virtual meetings, and telephone conferences.

Additional stakeholders were apprised of the draft plan to address communication to families, staff, and community partners. These stakeholders include the Communications Department and the Human Resources Department in conjunction with leaders of each collective bargaining unit.

Sam Sinicropi, Interim Superintendent has duly informed the Board of Education of the tenets and requirements of the plan. There will be a formal update to the board during the regularly scheduled board meeting convening on Thursday, April 16th.

  1. Please describe the methods the district will use to notify pupils and parents or guardians of the Plan.

District/ PSA Response:

The Lansing School District notified pupils and parents, as well as staff, on Friday, April 10th via a digital letter posted to the district website and social media outlets of our requirement to submit a Continuity of Learning Plan to the Ingham ISD by Monday, April 13th. The notification detailed the timeline of the plan’s creation, distribution and execution. It was further communicated that the approved plan and the tenets thereof would be shared via the same methods and will also include school level communication from the principal prior to the April 28th execution date. All information relative to the plan and its execution will be available on the district website at www.lansingschools.net. Additional communication to families of students with IEPs or 504 plans will be notified via a District-wide robocall, website announcement, Facebook posts and individual contacts.

  1. Please provide an estimate of the date on which the district will begin implementation of the Plan, which must be no later than April 28, 2020.

District/ PSA Response:

It is the goal of the Lansing School District to fully implement our approved Continuity of Learning Plan on April 28, 2020. Learning began as early as April 7, 2020.

The implementation will be staged. The plan will be communicated to parents by building principals and teachers. Elementary learning packets will be delivered to the homes of students the week of April 20th. Distribution of technology devices for on-line learning via APEX for grades 7-12 will convene the week of April 20th.

  1. Please describe the assistance, to the extent feasible, to pupils enrolled in any postsecondary dual enrollment courses under Public Act 160 of 1996, as amended, MCL 388.511 to 388.524, and Career and Technical Preparation Act, 258 PA 2000, as amended, MCL 388.1901 to 388.1913, in completing the courses during the 2019-2020 school year.

District/ PSA Response:

The Lansing School District has received notification of a letter that was issued to parents of CTE students enrolled in the Ingham ISD Wilson Talent Center. The letter indicates that the Wilson Talent Center will be implementing a Continuity of Learning Plan on April 20, 2020. The communication further indicates that CTE students should be aware of their Office 365 email login and password in order to participate in the proposed online mode of learning to complete the courses for the 2019-2020 school year. The district’s CTE Coordinator confirmed notification from Ingham ISD affiliate Jamie Engel that distance learning will be in place effective Monday, April 20th in the modes of both online platforms and learning packets.

Students dually enrolled will be held to the agreement made between the post-secondary institution and the Lansing School District in accordance with the amended Public Act of 1996, as amended, MCL 388.511 to 388.524 with specification to the current circumstance and the appropriate options and actions communicated to the district as of April 13th and state the following:

Michael Reynolds, Eaton RESA Principal provided communication confirming that they are working with college credit partners to have programs actively servicing students with a target date of April 20th. The college credit partners include: Lansing Community College, Davenport University, and Olivet College.  Additionally, Eaton RESA confirmed an 80% response rate from students/families regarding their need or not for both technology devices and internet access. As a result, Eaton RESA will provide a spreadsheet to Lansing School District High School administrators confirming which students are in need of devices and internet access. The additional information to be embedded in the spreadsheet will share the grade assigned to each student as of March 111h as well as a color-coded designation for students that were at risk of failing or actually failing as of that date. Eaton RESA will further provide support to high schools by delivering textbooks to school buildings if needed beginning April 13th. Eaton RESA will issue a letter to students and their families confirming how the opportunities to continue learning will exist along with the following options per our college credit partners:

  1. Davenport University students may opt for a CR/NC if they choose not to participate. This option requires the completion of the official request document in collaboration with the student’s SSC.
  2. Lansing Community College students, depending on the course may also opt for the CR/NC option.


  1. Please describe how the district will continue to provide or arrange for continuation of food distribution to eligible pupils.

District/ PSA Response:

The Lansing School District will continue to provide meals to our students in the same manner we have distributed since March 16 when the Governor ordered schools closed.

Currently we have 22 sites that distribute food Monday – Friday. On Fridays, food quantities are given to cover the weekend days as well.  As of April 10th we have distributed over 240,000 meals and will continue to do so.

Please see the attached food distribution memo.


  1. Please confirm that the district will continue to pay school employees while redeploying staff to provide meaningful work in the context of the Plan, subject to any applicable requirements of a collective bargaining agreement.

District/ PSA Response:

The Lansing School District will continue to pay school employees according to their current assignment and pay rate as permissible under collective bargaining agreements in effect for this time period of school closure and through the end of the current fiscal year. All said employees received a Letter of Employment Assurance from the Executive Director of Human Resources the week of April 6th. During a meeting with representatives from the Executive Team, Human Resources, and Collective Bargaining Unit Leaders on April 9th it was duly discussed and agreed that all employees in all units will be deployed and expected to conduct tasks as aligned with their current duties to assist with the execution of and provide meaningful work in a feasible and appropriate context for the Continuity of Learning Plan.

  1. Provide describe how the district will evaluate the participation of pupils in the Plan.

District/ PSA Response:

The Lansing School District will work with and support school level leaders and classroom instructors as they evaluate the participation of pupils in the plan via phone contact logs, Goggle Classroom and related classroom convening tools for instruction, tutorials, and office hours. Using the aforementioned tools, a rubric designating minimum and maximum participation expectations will be documented. The purpose of the documentation is to assure that the needs of the whole child are being considered as stakeholders continue to provide support throughout the pandemic as well as prepare for the upcoming school year.

  1. Please describe how the district will provide mental health supports to pupils affected by a state of emergency or state of disaster prompted by COVID-19.

District/ PSA Response:

The Lansing School District will provide support through the Office of School Culture and the Department of Special Education by deploying student support specialists, social workers, and school psychologists to make consistent contact with their students on caseload. Additionally, there will be a procedure established for pupils and their family members to call and seek help. Through both the K-6 learning packets and 7-12 online instruction, a six-week series of social emotional learning activities has been created as a part of the Continuity of Learning Plan.

  1. Please describe how the district will support the efforts of the intermediate district in which the district is located to mobilize disaster relief child care centers as described in Executive Order 2020-16 or any executive order that follow it.

District/ PSA Response:

The Lansing School District is committed to assisting with disaster relief as deemed necessary as it relates to providing childcare for first responders and all essential workers providing health care services. The district itself does not currently provide child care services rather we partner with local agencies who lease space in our facilities to provide such care. At this present time the commitment to provide this would be a challenge as it relates to employing trained and certified staff that would meet all state requirements for providing childcare. We are willing to explore options that would be a win-win for all involved.

Optional question:

  1. Does the District to adopt a balanced calendar instructional program for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year?  Does the District plan to adopt a balanced calendar instructional program for the 2020-2021 school year? 

District/ PSA Response:

The Lansing School District does not plan to adopt a balanced calendar instructional program for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year nor for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

Name of District Leader Submitting Application: Dr. Delsa Chapman, Deputy Superintendent

Date Approved:

Name of ISD Superintendent/Authorizer Designee:

Date Submitted to Superintendent and State Treasurer:

Confirmation approved Plan is posted on District/PSA website: