Family Choice & Evening Time

To support your child's continued learning and development at home, resources are provided below. 

► Connection & Conversation

You can use technology to bring external family and friends into your home.  You can use these technologies to bring family friends to your dinner table or to learn more about relatives while also keeping each other company.

External LinkGoogle Hangouts: This app is available with your Google account.  If you don’t have one, it’s free to sign up.  Then, you will find Google Hangouts in your list of available apps. 

External LinkZoom: This is a video conferencing service.  You can send links to friends and family to join you for a video chat from a phone or computer.                                 

External LinkPhone Call or Facetime Interviews: Connect with relatives by teaching your kids how to have a conversation by phone.  One great way to encourage communication is to brainstorm a list of interview questions.  

► Live streams & Webcams

External LinkMonterey Bay Aquarium: Offers live webcams of many of their animals.  Check the site for feeding times when you can hear from their caretakers.

External LinkEducational Live Streams: Many authors, zoos, musicians, etc. are offering free live streams for kids.  Scroll down within the link to view a calendar of events.

External LinkLunch Doodles with Mo Willems: Author and illustrator Mo Willems posts new doodling video each weekday at noon central time.

► Bedtime

External - 5 Healthy habits to ease into sleep.

External LinkWebMD on Bedtime - Bedtime routine tips from WebMD

External LinkSleep tips for teenagers from the NHS