Safe Learning Plan


Based on current trends in our metrics, students whose families chose hybrid learning on their commitment form will be returning to school starting April 26. Those who selected Screen2Screen or who did not submit a commitment form will continue with Screen2Screen learning.

  • April 26 - GSRP, *ECSE: *Averill, Cavanaugh, Gier Park, Cumberland, *Kendon, Lewton, Lyons, Pattengill, *Reo, Riddle, Willow
  • April 26 - Grades 4-6th: Attwood, Mt. Hope, North, Sheridan Rd.
  • April 26 - Grades K-3rd: Averill, Cavanaugh, Cumberland, Forest View, Gier Park, Kendon, Lyons, Reo, Riddle, Willow
  • April 26 - Academies: Dwight Rich K-8, Gardner K-8, Lewton K-6, Pattengill K-6, Wexford K-5, Woodcreek 6-8
  • April 26 - Grades 7-12th: Eastern, Everett, Sexton

*Individualized plans are being implemented for Beekman students and those with specialized needs and services.


Hybrid learners will have Screen2Screen sessions in the mornings with their current teachers and school and/or grade-level Student Opportunities for Academic Re-Engagement (SOAR) sessions in the afternoon.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 A.M. Session  Screen2Screen  Screen2Screen  "A" Day  Screen2Screen  Screen2Screen
 P.M. Session  SOAR  SOAR  "A" Day  SOAR  SOAR


** Schedules for PM will be customized by school and/or grade level configuration.

Please click the image below to view the full presentation from the Executive Team to the Board of Education about the Safe Learning Plan for Returning to School.

Watch the Youtube recording of the Board of Education Meeting below