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Welcome to Averill New Tech's page dedicated for our Kindergarten through Third Grade Classrooms!

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Meet Our K-3 Team 


                                                 Mrs. Townsend          

Mrs. Ruby, Kindergarten                                              Mrs. Townsend, Kindergarten      debbie.ruby@lansingschools.net                                jo.townsend@lansingschools.net


First Grade

                                               Mrs. Banks

Mrs. Solak, First Grade Teacher                          Mrs. Banks, First Grade Teacher
danielle.drake@lansingschools.net                     laura.banks@lansingschools.net


Second Grade

Ms. Safferman                                                  

Ms. Safferman, Second Grade Teacher                      Ms. Olmstead, Second Grade Teacher 
hannah.safferman@lansingschools.net                       jessica.olmstead@lansingschools.net


Third Grade

Ms. Pavey                                               

Ms. Pavey  , Third Grade Teacher                       Ms. Norwood, Third Grade Teacher 
karla.pavey@lansingschools.net                         marion.norwood@laningschools.net


Support Staff

 Mrs. Gregory                                                    

Mrs. Gregory, Instructional Coach                          Mrs. Andrejczuk, Instructional Assistant 
malikah.gregory@lansingschools.net                      kim.andrejczuk@lansingschools.net


                                                 Mrs. Woods

Mrs. Garza, Instructional Assistant                        Mrs. Woods, Resource Resource 
linda.garza@lansingschools.net                            cynthia.woods@lansingschools.net



Mrs. Chojnacki, Occupational Therapist                 Mr. Bisht, Speech Therapist
linda.chojnacki@lansingschools.net                        sanja.bisht@lansingschools.net


Mrs. Johnson                                                Mrs. Ducap

Mrs. Johnson, Student Support Specialist            Mrs. Ducap, Resource Instructional Assistant
cary.johnson@lansingschools.net                         henrietta.ducap@lansingschools.net