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TurtleDiary A unique collection of interactive and fun educational games

Interactive Sites Simulations and interactive learning

ABCYA  Educational Grade Level Activities

30 Sites for Early Finishers

Smarty Games

Tivitz Improve your game, improve your mind

A little bit of everything

Digital Dialects Games for learning the alphabet, phrases, numbers, useful words and more

Discovery Education No login is needed to explore this site.

Educational games, activities, quizzes, articles and more Something for every grade

Educational Grade Level Activities

Fact Monster

Fun Learning For All Ages Math, Vocabulary, Geography and More

Guess the Word  Click on start and then type a letter.

Harcourt Math

How does that work?  In the search bar type what you want to know about.

Lots of cool stuff to learn

Mad Libs

Math, Language Arts and More  Learning + FUN!

Mr. Nussbaum  Learning + Fun!


Scholastic for Teachers 

Scholastic for Kids

Spelling City  Do you know your spelling words?

Study Island  Prepare yourself for the M-STEP

Wonderopolis Where the Wonders of Learning Never Cease

Fun Friday A safe place for kids to have fun



Christmas Fun!

Christmas in different languages

1. Christmas Around the World

2. Christmas Around the World

3. Christmas Around the World

More Fun!

Even More Fun!


Typing Club 

Typing Ballon

Nitro Type


Up Beat (Just for fun not real typing practice  (you only practice 7 keys). It's like guitar hero.)

Put the keyboard together