Welcome to REO School

Born and raised in Lansing, I am the eldest of seven siblings. Children are always shocked by this! I have a husband and four beautiful children; My stepson Jaylen is 20, Mia (6), Jada (5), and Drea (2)! Motherhood is exciting and challenging as a principal! With my Type A workaholic personality, I have learned much patience working with children at school and home. I am a work in progress on a daily basis, as I try to balance being the best mom and principal I can be. 

I earned my bachelor's degree from Central Michigan University in 2007, in both History and Elementary Education. I couldn't wait to move to Chicago and teach inner city youth, where I taught 7th and 8th grade social studies in the Back of The Yards neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. It was an exclusively Hispanic school, and I poured my life into helping students facing adversity, to a level that reached my very soul.  This experience was absolutely life-changing; from learning firsthand the inequities in the American educational system, to losing students to gang violence, and forming attachments with amazing students that I maintain to this day. After three years, I returned home to start my family and worked as a Title One Reading Intervention Specialist for seven years.

While I was teaching in Chicago I went directly for a Masters in Instructional Leadership: Literacy, Language, and Culture, at the University of Illinois at Chicago to become a reading specialist. I studied under Alfred Tatum, one of the best in the field, how to reach the students who fall into the "Achievement Gap" we are hearing so much about. This degree armed me with the tools I use today to reach all reluctant readers. It is more than a profession for me, it is a true calling. I am fiercely passionate about supporting each and every one of my students in reaching their goals, both academically and personally

This past academic year I took the plunge from teaching, to becoming a principal of Reo School in Lansing. We a pre K-3rd grade school on the South side of Lansing. We offer 100% free breakfast and lunch, and many of our students face incredible adversity including cyclical poverty, trauma, and chronic stress. I have grown professionally more than I can express in a few words here. My staff is incredible, and I wake up daily exhausted, but motivated to prove to them that their hard work can take us to never before seen levels of academic achievement. I am so inspired by students and staff, that I will begin my Doctorate in the fall at MSU in Educational Leadership. 

I thank you for the opportunity to work with your child. No matter the ability or the background, they each bring something special to me and each other; that is a gift. Please help me get the word out, and grow the passion of engaging students through increasing academic achievement at Reo School!