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Our Vision

The vision of Lewton Spanish Immersion/Global Studies School is to prepare all students for global citizenship by helping them develop and exercise the Habits of Mind in order to achieve academic excellence.

Our Mission

The Lewton staff, in partnership with caregivers and community members, will educate our students by immersing them in biliterate instruction with fidelity, engage them through service to others,and empower them to be global activists.

Our Core Values & Beliefs

We believe:
1. that learning is a partnership involving our students, their loved ones,community members and staff.
2. in each student's individuality, and that they can learn to be open-minded and fl exible in order to accept differences and varying viewpoints.
3. in high expectations for all students and that they can overcome challenges with hard work and support.
4. that biliteracy is the key to unlocking global opportunities.

Students interested in Spanish Immersion in grades 2-6 must have prior immersion experience and/or demonstrate language proficiency to enroll.

Lewton’s language immersion model provides students the opportunity to learn Spanish through a variety of formats and content areas. In the Lewton community, classmates learn from one another and differences are viewed as strengths. This results not only in a deeper understanding of language but a broader acceptance of varied cultural beliefs. The goal is to produce bilingual global citizens who can learn and share ideas in English and Spanish.

Lewton students examine local, global and intercultural issues, understand and appreciate different perspectives and world views, interact successfully and respectfully with others, and take responsible action toward sustainability and collective well being. 

Lewton plays a crucial role in helping young people develop global competence.  We provide opportunities to critically examine global developments that are significant to both the world at large and to their own lives.  At Lewton, we encourage intercultural sensitivity and respect by allowing students to engage in experiences that foster an appreciation for diverse peoples, languages and cultures.


  • Project-based learning organized around grade-level global themes helps students learn and apply 21st century skills and knowledge.
  • Partnerships with Michigan State University and a rich and diverse array of community organizations teach students about diversity and human interaction. 
  • As a One World school, Lewton scholars connect with students from around the world.  This international character building program generates civic commitment to school, local, national, and global communities. 

Lewton creates a truly global experience by enlisting some of the world’s top experts in language instruction. The University of Minnesota’s Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) are international leaders in second language instruction and learning. Partnering with One World provides Lewton students the opportunity to increase their global competence through sustainability projects and service learning.

Daniel Gowell - Interim Principal


School Hours 2023-24 School Year

8:55 a.m. - 3:50 p.m.
Half day 8:55 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

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