Bond Project Recommendations

lansing_pathway_promise_banner41st Series Funding Plans

Eastern IB/Bio-tech - Remodel the current Pattengill for 7th -12th Grades, additions and
remodeling for International Baccalaureate and Biotechnology

Everett High School - Additions, remodeling and other improvements for Visual
Performing Arts programming

PK-8 Pattengill Fairview Academy - Additions and remodeling at Fairview to create a PK-8 Academy on Lansing’s northeast side

Rich VPA - Remodel at Rich for PreK – 8 Visual Performing Arts programs

Post Oak IB - Additions to accommodate 7th and 8th grades

General Building Remodeling - Roofs, windows, HVAC, lighting

District-wide - Security Improvements in secure access to schools

District-wide - Technology Improvements in technology infrastructure and wireless access

District-wide - Furniture Improvements to furniture in all schools

2nd Series Funding Plans

Sexton High School - Remodeling for STEM/STEAM programming

Eastern High School - Athletic fields