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The Don Johnson Fieldhouse will be closed the week of July 4th, and will reopen on Monday, July 8th.

In the Student Development Program, 4-12th grade Lansing School District students of all academic and athletic skill levels and all walks of life will benefit from judgment-free sessions designed to help them grow in the areas of academics, athletics, and wellness.

Summer Sessions Include:
  • Speed & Agility
  • Volleyball
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Basketball
  • E-Sports
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Tutoring
  • Garden & Nutrition
  • Open Gym Time
  • AGOGE Youth Membership

Facility Information

Don Johnson Fieldhouse
400 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
Hours of Operation Summer Hours
M - Th | 11am - 5pm
F | 11am - 1pm


Annual permission slip and student health information form.

Questions? (517) 755-5690

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11,500 Enrollment by 2025
85% Graduation Rate by 2025
90% Attendance by 2025

Title IX - Sex Discrimination/Gender Equity/Sexual Harassment

What is Title IX?

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any District program, service or activity including, but not limited to: educational programs or activities, e.g., extracurricular activities, student services, academic counseling, discipline, classroom assignment, grading, athletics, transportation, etc.

Unlawful Discriminatory Practices Under Title IX

Sexual Harassment (unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature)

Sexual Misconduct/Violence (rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual exploitation and other forms of non-consensual sexual activity)

Stalking (repeatedly following, harassing, threatening or intimidating including by telephone, mail, electronic communication or social media)

Retaliation (adverse academic or other actions against anyone reporting or participating in an investigation of Title IX allegations)

PDF DocumentSexual Misconduct Policy
PDF DocumentSeptember 30, 2020 - Clark Hill Power Point Presentation
PDF DocumentTitle IX Grievance Procedures
PDF DocumentInvestigation Procedures A to Z - November 2, 2020

Reporting Prohibited Behavior

Members of the school district community who believe that a Title IX violation may have occurred, should discuss their concerns and/or file a complaint with the District’s Title IX coordinator:

Anti-Harassment Compliance Officers are in the Sexual Misconduct Policy (PDF) and Title IX Grievance Procedure (PDF).

Darin Walter
Title IX Coordinator - Public Safety

519 W. Kalamazoo 
Lansing, MI 48933

Erin Miracle
Human Resources Manager

519 W. Kalamazoo 
Lansing, MI 48933


PDF DocumentHelp Hotline Phone Numbers

Title IX concerns can also be mailed to:
Lansing School District
519 West Kalamazoo
Lansing, MI 48933