Where is this program located?

Don Johnson Fieldhouse
400 N Pennsylvania Ave,
Lansing, MI 48912

Who can access training?

Training will be available year-round to all Lansing School District students in 6th-12th grades

Who is providing the skill and strength training?

We have recruited highly skilled trainers from the Lansing Area with a history of successful development of student athletes. Supervisors of Student Athlete Development, will also be present and daily running sessions and/or supervising sessions.

How is the training set up?
  • Training will take place in one of the following resource areas:
  • Court 1
  • Court 2
  • Court 3
  • Weight Room (upstairs)
  • Recovery Room (in the gym)
  • Academic Resource Space

Students will sign up for a session(s) and report to the affiliated resource area.

Students need to be ready to start ten minutes before the time they signed up for.

Ex: If you’ve signed up for strength training at 3:30 pm, you need to be in the weight room and ready to start at 3:20 pm

If you are participating in back-to-back sessions, you will be expected to get to your second session as soon as your first session ends.

Who is providing the tutoring?

Teachers, retired teachers, college students and community partners

11,500 Enrollment by 2025
85% Graduation Rate by 2025
90% Attendance by 2025