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Post Oak Bond Updates Summer 2018

1. Has there been a traffic analysis?

  • A traffic impact study was completed.

2. New idea suggested – make Darrien Ave. a bus loop.

  • Creating an indent along Darrien Drive for buses would present the following constraints. Coordination with city of concept requires buy-in of concept including potential relocation of city utilities and agreement on easement. This area of the site has some steep grades which will require potential retaining walls or other means to address slope concerns. If sidewalk is on school property, meeting ADA will be required and will be challenging. Other Utilities (power, water) will need to be relocated. Dept. of Treasury does not support bond monies being spent for public improvements that benefit anyone other than the district. Several established trees will need to be removed. Recommendation: At a minimum and regardless of the presence of a paved indent, move the bus drop off from Post Oak Lane to Darrien Drive.

3. New idea – make the revised loop in the front of the building only for drop off and pick up for parents.

  • The intent of the extended loop in front of the building is for parent pick up and drop off to reduce the amount of cars staged on Post Oak Lane.

4. Will the city be fixing the potholes on Darrien Ave. and Post Oak Lane before and after the construction?

  • The city is aware of the project and will be coordinating with the district. They are aware of the increased construction traffic on the roads.

5. Can the one-way designation that currently exists on Barritt St. be set up for a.m. and p.m.?

  • We will check with the city on extending the one-way period.

6. What is the square footage in the current gym and the new one?

  • The existing gym is 2,140 SF; the new multipurpose room is 4,780 SF which provides space for a middle school sized basketball court.

7. How many students can be fed in the current space and in the new one?

  • The current gym requires three lunch periods; the new gym will be able to accommodate all students over two lunch periods.

8. There is a concern about the brick matching the old school and the new additions. How will this work?

  • A lot of effort has been spent to find a brick match. We feel comfortable that the new brick will match the existing brick.

9. What is the cost for the new paved surfaces?

  • Approximately $50,000 is being spent on asphalt.

10. Will the new Eastern gym have air conditioning?

  • The existing gym at Pattengill is air conditioned and it will host the majority of events, especially the ones with larger crowds where cooling is desirable. The new auxiliary gym is not air conditioned, but does have the ability to bring in 100% outside air for “free” cooling. The auxiliary gym will be suitable for 7th/8th grade sports, PE classes, practice, and smaller events such as volleyball or wrestling.

Post Oak Bond Updates - March 20, 2018

11,500 Enrollment by 2025
85% Graduation Rate by 2025
90% Attendance by 2025