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PDF Document21st Century Learning Standards
Word DocumentBlank PYP Planner
Word DocumentSmartBoard Training
External Link21st Century Best Websites - AASL
External LinkArtsEdge
External LinkEconEdLink - Great Economic Lesson Ideas K-12
External LinkEdSiteMent - National Endowment for the Humanities - Lessons/Activities On Art & Culture, Literature & Language Arts, Foreign Language, History and Social Studies
External LinkFreePlayMusic - Website at which you can download music without royalty problem and use as background for digital storytelling, podcasts, etc.
External LinkGo Green! - Sharing the Planet Resources, both for Teacher Lessons and Students
External LinkHistory - Smithsonian - Interactive Websites, Lessons, Activities, Searchable by grade level, time frame
External LinkIlluminations - Math - Interactive lessons, activities, searchable by grade level. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
External LinkInteractive Learning - Interactive Websites categorized by Subject Area
External LinkInternet4Classrooms - Go to PowerPoint and Look for Jeopardy Template
External LinkLOTS of Grade Level Interactive and other ideas
External LinkPersuasive Essay - Outline
External LinkPodcasting - Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand Website
External LinkProfessional Development - Interesting Videos about 20 min per various topics.
External LinkRead-Write-Think - Web Sites, Resources, Lessons
External LinkScience NetLinks - Cool Interactive Websites, and Lessons - American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
External LinkSolar Panels - Information from our VERY OWN rooftop! User e-mail is and PASSWORD is "gosolar!"
External LinkTechnology Tips for Classroom Teachers - Great Links!! Marilyn Western's Website MANY SmartBoard Activities Linked here, look for the Yellow Rectangle
External LinkThink Green Lesson Plans - K - 5 (Word Documents and PDF downloads)
External LinkVenn Diagram - Read Write Think - 2 circle Venn Interactive

External Link Persuasive Essay: The Ultimate Guide on Writing It

External Linkan word family -  Interactive website to make -an words
External LinkABC Matching Game
External LinkAnimals - National Geographic site, facts, video, pictures, maps
External LinkConstruct-a-Word - Add beginning letters to word families to make words
External LinkConstructing words - Word Wheel - Crickweb
External LinkLiving and Non-Living - BBC Interactive Website
External LinkNumber Equations - Same or Different?
External LinkNursery Rhymes - Hickory Dickory Dock - click on the RED or GREEN buttons
External LinkPatterns Create - Create your own pattern, have a friend figure out what comes next?
External LinkPhonics/Reading/Writing - Interactive website
External LinkPoisson Rouge Alphabet - Alphabet Letters with various activities - FUN!
External LinkPoisson Rouge Website - LOTS of fun interactive exploration to be had by one and all!
External LinkPushes and Pulls - Sorting Activity
External LinkRecycling - Earth Day
External LinkRecycling - Sorting - Beehive type configuration
External LinkSequencing - Comparing - Help Lecky put things in order
External LinkSequencing - Patterns - Copy the color pattern with beads choose 6 or 12
External LinkShapes - Shapes play and have fun!
External LinkSounds - Match beginning sounds with letters
External LinkTen Frame - How Many? Thinking about numbers using frames of 10 can be a helpful way to learn basic number facts
External LinkWord Family Sort

External LinkInternet4Classroom Links - 1st Grade Level Math links
External LinkABC Matching 
External LinkAdding BIG Numbers using 100s chart - Interactive
External LinkAnimals - National Geographic site, facts, video, pictures, maps
External LinkAnimals - Baby to Adult - FOSSWeb - Match Baby to Parent
External LinkAnimals - Baby to Adult z - BBC Matching
External LinkAnimals - Food Appearance, Senses, Movement, Habitat
External LinkAnimals - Food Chain - MANY others - Sheppard's Software site
External LinkAnimals Jungle
External LinkBetween the Lions - PBS Interactive Website for reading and learning.
External LinkClassifying - Animals, Plants, Insects, Mammals
External LinkConcentration - Matching Numbers with Dots and MORE - Partner Play or on own
External LinkConstruct-a-Word - Add beginning letters to word families to make a word
External LinkConsumers - Goods and Services slide show with short activity
External LinkDoodle Splash - This resource allows drawing and words, sort of like Kid Pix, but you can NOT save, only print.
External LinkEncyclopedia Britannica - Learning and Games; Username:postoak Pass:learn
External LinkFood Webs - Pond and Woodland - Interactive site includes quiz, from BBC site
External LinkHabitats - Human and Animal - Glaxo-Smith-Kline Interactive Website
External LinkLiving and Non-Living - BBC Interactive
External LinkMoney - Count Coins and type in total - Harcourt Brace
External LinkMoney - Counting Coins
External LinkMoney - Buying items
External LinkMoney - Adding up money
External LinkMoney - Do a job and get paid, then bank the money
External LinkMoney - Trading Game - Bartering
External LinkMoney - Counting - Three levels - More of a Review
External LinkMoney - Matching Words with Numbers
External LinkMoney - Piggy Bank - Buying items with money from your piggy bank - cash register
External LinkNumber Line - Interactive
External LinkNumber Line - Adding or Subtracting - Computer Shows this one
External LinkNumber Line - Problems - Interactive
External LinkNumber Line Problems - Adding on the number line
External LinkNumbers - Same or Different with Addition?
External LinkPattern Blocks - Interactive Site to manipulate pattern blocks - Illuminations Math
External LinkPlants and Animals - BBC Website Interactive
External LinkPoissonRouge Website - Explore have fun, see what you can find!
External LinkProducers - Short slide show with an activity
External LinkReading/Writing/Phonics - Interactive website -
External LinkSorting - Animals, Plants - Wait for the question, then click on the animal that it applies to.
External LinkSpelling City - Add your own words to help you study and learn!
External LinkSubtraction - Take Away Targets - may include negative numbers
External LinkSubtraction - Octopus and Bubbles add or subtract
External LinkSubtraction - Green Blobs - Minus Mission
External LinkTen Frame - Math Interactive Adding and Subtracting
External LinkTime - BBC - Really Fun, Interactive Levels are: Medium, Hard, Really Hard. TRY IT Have fun!
External LinkTime - Hickory Dickory Dock - Chose the correct time and mouse gets the cheese!
External LinkTime - Tough one - You can Choose "RANDOM" and then you set the analog, or digital to the right time.
External LinkTyping Practice - Dance Mat
External LinkWants and Needs - Story Activity - Rumble Grumble Gurgle Roar - Quiz
External LinkWants and Wants - Health vs. Fun Wants, sorting activity
External LinkWeather - Adding Clothes for the appropriate weather - Interactive
External LinkWord Family Sort - Sort the word families - Does not self-check/correct
External LinkYesterday - Pilgrim Time - Check out this site and listen to what it used to be like during the Pilgrims time.

Powerpoint DocumentOutdoor Classrooms and Gardens - Power Point with pictures of outdoor classrooms and Gardens
External LinkAnimals - National Geographic Site, Video, Maps, Fast Facts
External LinkEncyclopedia Britannica - Good Resource for Animals Report - Username:remc13 Pass: home13
External LinkA River Ran Wild - Book - Website for Lynne Cherry Author
External LinkAnimals - Sorting - Wait for the question then click on the animals it applies to.
External LinkBig Blue Marble - Water - Book from the NASA website that talks about our planet and water.
External LinkBuilding a Sod House - Historical Living - 1800-1860s - Interactive
External LinkCommunity - Hangzhou - Video that shows Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province
External LinkConcentration - Matching addition with numbers
External LinkDoodle Splash - Draw a picture, add words, print - NO saving allowed
External LinkFractions - Name the numerator and denominator of shaded circle.
External LinkHistory - Past and Present - Interactive Compare/Contrast Daily Life Pilgrims/Native Americans
External LinkHistory - Place and Time - Interactive - But need to be able to read - Group Activity?
External LinkMultiplication - BBC site - Fun BBC groups of fruit for camel to carry
External LinkPattern Blocks - Make patterns, shapes geometric figures using interactive pattern blocks
External LinkPlant Parts - Interactive from Howard Hughes Medical Institute
External LinkPlants and Animals - Plants and Animals in Local Environment, BBC Interactive site
External LinkPlants and Animals Food Chains
External LinkPlants and Animals Habitats
External LinkPlants Outdoor Classroom - Kentucky Website with Information on their Outdoor Classrooms - Endless Inquiry Learning
External LinkPoisson Rouge Interactive - LOTS of little interactive BASICS
External LinkReading/Writing/Phonics
External LinkRecycling
External - Username:lansing, Pass:remc48933
External LinkSolar Panels - Shows output of OUR OWN SOLAR PANELS at Post Oak!
External LinkSpelling City - You enter your OWN spelling words
External LinkStudy Island - Username: first initial+lastname@postoak, Pass:first initial+lastname
External LinkTyping Practice - Dance Mat
External LinkWater Cycle - Interactive site from England
External LinkWorm World - Yucky Worm World - Discovery

External LinkAnimals - Creature Feature - National Geographic
External LinkEncyclopedia Britannica - Learning and Games; Username:postoak Pass:learns
External LinkMaking Change - Dollars and Cents Interactive - FunBrain
External LinkMath - Matching - Multiplication with numbers match and MORE! NCTM site
External LinkMichigan Kids Website
External LinkMultiplication - BBC - Groups of fruit for camel to carry. Levels are: Medium, Hard, Really Hard
External LinkMultiplication - Timez Attack - Cool Multiplication Program
External LinkPoisson Rouge (Red Fish) - Interactive Website - explore, inquire
External LinkPower Up - Make your best Choices Powering a City
External - Username:lansing, Pass:remc48933
External LinkSolar Panels - Going Green on OUR OWN ROOF at Post Oak! Username is: PASSWORD is: gosolar!
External LinkSpelling City - You enter your OWN spelling words - Helps you study your spelling words, teaches, tests, games!
External LinkStudy Island - Username: first initial+lastname@postoak, Pass:first initial+lastname
External LinkTimes Table Interactive
External LinkTyping Practice - Dance Mat

External Link50 States
External Link50 States - Can you place the states?
External Link50 States - Culture Grams - Information, kid-friendly (Username=lansing, Password = 48933)
External Link50 States - Place the State
External Link50 States Quiz
External LinkAnimals - Creature Feature
External LinkElectoral College
External LinkEncyclopedia Britannica - Learning and Games; Username:postoak Pass:learns
External LinkEnergy
External LinkFood Chain - Quiz Questions
External LinkFood Chain - SheppardSoftware
External LinkFood Chain - Types of Eaters and Food Chains
External LinkFood Chains - Biomes
External LinkFood Chains - Links to sites
External LinkFractions
External LinkFractions - Mr. Nussbaum site "Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop"
External LinkFractions - Cards and move the target over.
External LinkFractions - Common Denominators
External LinkFractions - Lots of different ones - Have to look under "F" for Fraction ones
External LinkImmigration - Ellis Island Interactive from Scholastic
External LinkLemonade Stand - Cool Math Interactive - Small Business Owner
External LinkMental Math - BBC Math Adding, Multiplication, Subtration, Division
External LinkMultiplication - Timez Attack - Big Brains Cool Multiplication Application
External LinkMultiplication Facts - BBC Test your Multiplication knowledge
External - Username:lansing, Pass:remc48933
External LinkSarasota, Florida - Informational
External LinkSarasota, Florida - Governmental Official Site
External LinkSpelling City - Add your own words to study and learn!
External LinkStudy Island - Username: first initial+lastname@postoak, Pass:first initial+lastname
External LinkTime Zones
External LinkTimes Table Interactive
External LinkTyping Practice
External LinkU.S. Senators
External LinkUNICEF - EU - WATER

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