J.W. Sexton High School Media Center

The library is open before school beginning at 7:30am, and during the school day, currently only until 2:40 pm. 

Students may borrow up to five items at a time for 2 weeks.  If there are no holds on the material, it can be renewed for another two weeks.  The library subscribes to many online databases.  Please ask at the desk for web addresses and logon information.  All of our databases are accessible from any internet-capable computer.

We look forward to seeing you in the library. Please note, school rules do apply in the library (no hats, etc...)

Bibme Bibliography Maker
With this tool, you can create an account and save a number of different bibliographies so that you can come back to them. Download completed bib.

Citation Machine

Use this tool to create your own free username and save many resource citations to your lists. When done, you can download your works cited page.

The U.S. Dept. of Ed. recently launched a new web site that is intended to be the go-to source for info and resources for planning for college.

MEL links for students who are college bound.
Links to databases and websites that will be helpful for college bound students. Links for financial aid, test prep, colleges, etc.

eLibrary products
Username remc13 PW learn13. Includes links to eLibrary Curriculum, eLibrary Science, History Study Center, ProQuest Learning Literature, CultureGrams.

Encyclopedia Britannica
Username: remc13 PW learn13. Do basic research, save your work in your own personal workspace, find out how to create citations. From school, home.

MEL InfoTrac Student Edition
Over 1100 titles, including full-text magazines, newspapers, podcasts, e-Books, etc. Logon from home using a public lib. card # or MI driver license.

Michigan Electronic Library Test Prep. database
Using this database, create your own username, take skills improvement tests, prepare for ACT, SAT, AP tests, etc. Saves where you left off.

My Dream Explorer
If new user, click the New Student Registration button and enter jsh1865. Research careers, schools, MOIS database, etc.

REMC databases
Home Username: remc13 PW learn13 : CultureGrams, eLibrary, eLibrary Science, SIRS Researcher, History Study Center, Literature Study Center, etc.

SIRS Issues Researchers (Pro-Con) and SIRS Renaissance
SIRS Issue Researcher (Pro-Con) covers issues most studied & debated by students; SIRS Renaissance covers current perspectives on arts & humanities.

Destiny from inside the district
Use this link from within the district to access the Destiny Library Manager. Select Sexton to check out catalog.

Destiny from outside the district
Use this link if you want to access the Destiny Library catalog from outside the district. Select Sexton. You will need to bypass the security warning

Firefly by Kurzweil
Link to online version of Kurzweil. You can find our textbooks here & the program read the books to you. Requires UserName & PassWord.

FireflybyKurzweil Link for IPad App
Get to the IPad App for FireflybyKurzweil. It's free. If not a good link, search for Fireflybykurzweil app in Google. It's free. UN & PW required.

Installing Kurzweil 3000 Web License Ver 14 on a Mac computer
Use these instructions to install Kurzweil program on Mac computers. They may be slightly out of date, so do your best to follow ones that apply.

Installing Kurzweil 3000 Web License Ver 14 on a Windows computer.
This is a link to a webpage that gives bare bones instructions on how to install the Web Licensing version of Kurzweil 3000. You are using Ver 14.

KurZweil 3000 Web License Ver 14 download link for Mac computers
Click on the link. Select the correct Web Licensing version for your operating system. Save. To install, select the Web Licensing Version.

Kurzweil 3000 Web License Ver 14 download link for Windows computers
Use this link for Windows computer that you are putting the program on. Save Ver 14 Weblicense. To install, select the Web Licensing Version.

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