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January - New Year, New You!



7th & 8th GRADERS: Every 1st Tuesday @ 1pm 

9th - 12th GRADERS: Every 3rd Tuesday




Maggie's S.A.D. 

My Mental Health Matters 

Got the Winter Blues? 


Color My Snowflake 

Why Even Move? 

It's Just 8 Minutes.  For Real? 


Corona Canceled 

Strong 4 Life 

It's O.K. to Not Feel O.K. 

Teen Voice: Coping with COVID

Ms. Beauchamp

Ms. Sherrod

Ms. Johnson

Educational Development Plans

For students who have not already completed their Educational Development Plan (EDP), Sexton's Counseling Department would like to provide an instructional worksheet to download. With this form and access to Xello (online), students can complete their EDPs. If you don't have access to a printer, you can simply write your responses down on a lined sheet of paper.  The worksheets do not have to be turned in.

Word Document7th Grade EDP Completion Sheet

Word Document8th Grade EDP Completion Sheet

Word Document9th Grade EDP Completion Sheet

Word Document10th Grade EDP Completion Sheet

Word Document11th Grade EDP Completion Sheet

Word Document12th Grade EDP Completion Sheet

Any questions or concerns, please email your counselor!  

If you have problems with login or password email your counselor.

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