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PDF DocumentXello 6-12 Activities for EDP Completion

What is an Educational Development Plan?

An EDP documents an ongoing process in which a learner identifies both career goals and a plan of action to achieve them. State law requires local schools to provide an opportunity for students to begin developing an EDP in Grade 7 and requires that every student has an EDP before entering Grade 9. By preparing the initial EDP in middle school, students can better plan their high school curriculum to meet their postsecondary goals. The EDP is a secondary/postsecondary planning tool to direct the student’s educational plan and career planning activities.

Why do all K-12 students have to complete an EDP?

The Lansing School District has recently decided to start the 2020-2021 school year using a screen-to-screen teaching and learning model. In making the decision to deliver instruction virtually the district must comply with “Virtual Learning Options” as outlined in the State of Michigan’s 2019-20 Pupil Accounting Manual (PAM).

What is the plan to complete EDPs for Grades 6-12?

The Lansing School District plans to utilize the activities, lessons, and resources within the Xello platform to meet EDP guidelines virtually for students in grades K-12. Staff will incorporate the development of student EDP within the first weeks of school as a whole group lesson, small group work, one-on-one, or as a homework assignment. Xello’s self-awareness and career exploration activities are engaging and student friendly.

For more information about EDP completion, access to Xello, or other college and career readiness questions, please contact any of the following:

Ms. Beauchamp, Last Names A - Hi casey.beauchamp@lansingschools.net

Ms. Sherrod, Last Names Hj - O lavon.sherrod@lansingschools.net

Ms. Johnson, Last Names P - Z lillie.johnson@lansingschools.net


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