Bilingual Education

Did you know...

  • The Lansing School District has a bilingual population of 1,754 English Learner (EL) students?
  • The Lansing School District's student population is represented by 70 countries?.
  • There are 51 different native languages spoken by the student population of the Lansing School District?


The Bilingual Education Department serves the Lansing School District as the central location for services, outreach, and data regarding our bilingual students, families and staff.

Our mission is to create an educational system that will embrace our refugee, immigrant and language minority students. We strive to adapt our educational services to provide a learning environment where students can succeed, integrate, and fully participate at all levels of school and community.

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Bilingual Phone Line

In an effort to help families communicate more effectively with the district and school buildings, we are reminding you to please share and utilize the below phone numbers. Parents can call and leave a message on one of the below lines and it will be checked and followed up by the Bilingual Education department and referred accordingly. These lines are for non-emergencies and are designed to provide a resource for staff to help families voice their questions and concerns when interpreters are not available to assist.

Please share this information and encourage families to utilize these lines so we can maximize opportunities for schools and parents to communicate despite language barriers. Thank you.

Bilingual Phone Line:

*When leaving a message, please make sure to leave the student’s name, student’s school and a return phone number* 

Feel free to encourage parents to call from their homes or if they are in the building, to use a district phone to leave a message. Thank you.

PDF DocumentArabic: 517-755-1375
PDF DocumentBurmese: 517-755-1372
PDF DocumentEnglish: 517-755-1370
PDF DocumentFrench: 517-755-1378
PDF DocumentNepali: 517-755-1373
PDF DocumentSomali: 517-755-1374
PDF DocumentSpanish: 517-755-1271
PDF DocumentSwahili: 517-755-1376
PDF DocumentVietnamese: 517-755-1377

Translation and Interpretation (Cultural Brokers) Form

Please complete the following form to request native language support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Trisha Dowell. Thank you.

1. What is your specific request for a Cultural Broker?