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To provide administrative support services to all District staff who are working to maintain educational excellence for all students in a safe and nurturing environment.

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The Payroll Department has been combined with the Human Resources Department. Please contact Beth Farrand (x2013),or Steve Tapia (x2008) with any payroll questions.

PDF DocumentPayroll Calendar 2024-2025 - Calendar of pay dates and deadlines for 2024-2025.
PDF DocumentPayroll Savings Bonds Form - Complete this form to participate in the District's Savings Bonds program.
PDF DocumentAdditional Hours/Workshop Pay Request Form - Complete this form to request approval for additional hours or workshop pay. The form should be sent to Accounting after completion.
PDF DocumentW-4 Form (Federal) - Complete this form to change your federal tax withholding allowances.
PDF DocumentMI W-4 - Complete this form to change you state tax withholding allowances.
PDF DocumentLW-4 - Complete this form to change your city tax withholding allowances.

PDF DocumentSOLE Pay Card Best Uses - Information on the pay card program

Enroll in the Direct Deposit Program

Improved participation is the goal.

It's so easy, convenient and efficient!

Less than 60% of District employees take advantage of the convenience and security of direct deposit.  In addition to the the potential for losing your paycheck, the added cost of driving to a bank and waiting in line is another reason to sign-up for direct deposit. 

Enrollment forms are available by accessing your Employee Access Center.  

There is no cost to enroll in the Direct Deposit Program and participation can easily be terminated if you decide that you no longer wish to enjoy the safety and security.  Deposits will begin to go directly to your bank or credit union within 2-3 pay periods following submission of your application.  You will receive a paycheck within 1-2 pay periods following submission of your written request to terminate your participation.

Apply now to begin enjoying the convenience.

PDF Document403(b) and 457 Vendor List - List of approved and unapproved vendors for the District's 403(b) and 457 Plans.
PDF Document403(b) Plan Informational Brochure - This link contains an informational brochure about the District's 403(b) plan.
PDF Document403(b) Salary Reduction Agreement - This form needs to be received by the Human Resources office within 10 business days before pay date affected.
PDF Document403(b) Plan Document - Click to review the plan document for the District's 403(b) tax sheltered annuity plan.
PDF Document403(b) Vendor Comparison Table - Employees can use this table to compare the different vendors that participate in the District's 403(b) Plan.
PDF Document403(b) Vendor Plan Information Packet - Employees can use this packet to obtain more information on the investments offered by the various vendors.
PDF Document457 Deferred Compensation Payroll Authorization Agreement - Completed forms must be turned in to the Human Resources office prior to the end of the month - implementation will occur the following month
PDF Document457 Deferred Compensation Plan Document - Click on this link to see the 457 plan document
PDF DocumentTransaction Information Form - This form needs to be completed and submitted, along with any contract exchange, rollover, distribution or loan request paperwork, to TSA Consulting.
External LinkOnline Distribution System - Click on this link to request a distribution from your 403(b) or 457 account.

Employees should contact SET-SEG with any questions regarding COBRA. They can be reached at x2066 or

PDF DocumentCOBRA Application - Complete this application to enroll in Cobra coverage through MESSA
PDF DocumentCOBRA Continuation Election Form - This form allows employees with MESSA coverage to elect to continue their health coverage after the layoff waiver has expired

SET-SEG administers benefits for employees of the Lansing School District. Please contact them at x2066 or with any questions regarding your benefit package.

External LinkSummary of Benefits - Click on this link to view the summary of benefits for the health, dental, vision, life, and long-term disability plans offered to employees.
PDF DocumentSelf-Funded Vision Claim Form - Reimbursement form for employees covered under the District's self-funded vision plan.
PDF DocumentVoluntary Benefits - Click on this link to view a brochure of additional insurance products available to employees.

Health Equity Customer Service number is 877.218.3432

External LinkHealth Equity Website- Click on this link to be directed to Health Equity's website.

PDF DocumentCafeteria Plan - Click here to view the plan document for the District's Cafeteria Plan, including flexible spending accounts.
PDF DocumentCafeteria Plan - Updates

PDF DocumentUnemployment Fact Sheet - Click on this link to review a fact sheet on filing an unemployment claim
External LinkUnemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) Website

11,500 Enrollment by 2025
85% Graduation Rate by 2025
90% Attendance by 2025