Universal Preschool

The Lansing School District offers a tuition-free Preschool program designed to prepare children for kindergarten. Classes are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday throughout the school year, at various locations throughout the Lansing School District.

To apply, the child must:GSRP Students from Pattengill

  • Be four-years-old on or before December 1st of the current school year.
  • Be a resident of Lansing School District or have a Lansing Address.
  • Children that are eligible for the Great Start Readiness Program and do not have a Lansing address but live in the Ingham County consortium may be considered.
  • Priority for all preschool slots is given to Lansing School District residents.

Application Process

1. Apply at the Ingham Intermediate Preschool Application Page.

2. Complete the second online application at enrollinLansing.com.

  • Click the school year you are applying for
  • New Lansing School District families, click "Create a New Account"
  • Current Lansing School District families, log-in with your Parent Vue username and password (click "forgot password" if needed)
  • Choose "GSRP" for the grade

3. The Lansing School District Preschool office will contact you to proceed with the next step of the application process.

Enrollment Documents

Once online enrollment is completed, the following documents* may be emailed or faxed to the Preschool Office:

2400 Pattengill Ave., Lansing, MI 48910
Phone: (517) 755-3390 Fax:(517) 755-1399


  • Birth Certificate - State Copy
  • Immunization Record
  • Proof of Residence: (example - utility bill, lease, etc.)
  • Verification of Income: (example - check stub, W2, tax return, DHS statement, etc.)
  • Guardianship or Custody Documents - if applicable
  • Health Appraisal (physical): Due, no later, than 30 days after the child starts school
  • Any applicable custody documents

*Some documents may be uploaded during the Lansing School District online enrollment process

Great Start Readiness classes utilize certified teachers and an assistant in each classroom.  Classrooms have a teacher/student ratio of 1 to 8.  They guide children in the basic social and academic skills needed for kindergarten.

Children learn through play.  Play is the primary vehicle for a child’s development in the social/emotional, intellectual, language and literacy, creative, physical and health areas of development.  Each day children will have opportunities to play and learn. 

Activities focus on small and large motor development, music and movement, language and literacy including pre-reading skills as well as ongoing improvement in self-help and social skills.

Teachers will work with children at each child’s own pace.  Teachers use strategies in small and large group settings.  Teachers take into account the interests of the children and guide them in their play.  Teachers develop activities to further the learning and take advantage of teachable moments whenever possible.

Chinese Immersion

This Bilingual/Bicultural Pre-K Program, in partnership with the Great Start Readiness Program & The US-China Center at Michigan State University, is offered at Post Oak Elementary.

Children are born with the ability to speak any language. The early years are the best time to present another language to a child. During the early years they begin to lose the language receptors they don’t need. It is during this time that children’s language receptors are still intact and they can be most successful at learning another language. 

At Post Oak there are two full day classrooms available with an 1 to 8 teacher/student ratio.  The children will spend half the day in the traditional western culture English speaking classroom, the other half in a Chinese Immersion language and culture classroom.  They will learn letters, words, songs, dances, writing and drawing to name a few in both languages and classes.  Children will become educated for global citizenship and more prepared for the world that awaits them.

Spanish Immersion

The Spanish Immersion program will operate much the same as a traditional classroom, the difference being that 50% of the instruction will be in Spanish. The classroom will be visibly child-centered and utilize The HighScope Curriculum and MDE Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Pre-Kindergarten when planning for instruction and activities. The learning environment is planned to provide experiences in each area of the child’s development; physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and language through an integrated approach. Child-initiated and adult supported play is a component of each day’s activities. The classroom will be divided into interest areas. The focus of these interest areas includes dramatic play, language/literacy, writing, building/construction, sensory, creative arts, music, movement, science discovery, and technology/computers. Children are given at least one hour each day to learn through child-directed exploration of these interest areas. The preschool curriculum also provides for both large group instruction, time when all children are learning in a group setting, and small group instruction, more one on one individualized instruction with the teacher. There is also time in the day for outdoor play, rest time, and meals (breakfast & lunch).

Program Locations

PreK @ Pleasant View

Mrs. Amber Lee, Principal CAK12O

Ms. Angela Barry, Director of Universal Preschool

4501 Pleasant Grove Rd. Lansing, MI 48910

Universal Preschool

Dr. Eva L. Evans Welcome Center
2400 Pattengill Ave.
Lansing, MI 48910

Mr. Sergio Keck, Deputy Superintendent of Special Populations

Mrs. Kimberly Johnson-Ray, Director of Elementary Education

Ms. Angela Barry, Director of Universal Preschool

Ms. Ellie Lower, GSRP Specialist

Mrs. Margaret Cary, Program Secretary

Ms. Laura Beckner, Preschool Coordinator

11,500 Enrollment by 2025
85% Graduation Rate by 2025
90% Attendance by 2025