In-District School Transfers


The Lansing School District continues to provide district-wide school of choice so that families may choose the Pathway that best fits their child's interests without concerns regarding transportation.  This also eliminates the need for students to change schools during the year due to a move or change in family situation. For more information on our Pathway options visit our Enrollment page

Nevertheless, we do understand that at times there may be a need to change schools during the year.  A transfer can be requested based on the following reasons:

Medical: My child has a documented medical condition that requires one or more of the following:

  • My child needs to be near a hospital
  • My child’s documented medical condition requires assistance from a full-time school nurse

Safety: My child has a documented public safety incident report with a child at their current school.

Transportation:  As verified by my documented address, my child lives too far from the current school and by transferring schools:

  • My child would be in the walk zone and can self-transport
  • My child would be near a CATA bus stop and will take the CATA card to attend school
  • I can transport my child and will not request school bus services

Please fill out the transfer request form below if the reason is a documented medical, safety or transportation issue. Processing time for transfers is two weeks. Transfers will only be approved if:

  • it meets the criteria AND
  • has proper documentation AND
  • there is space in the school requested
Due to limited capacity, the following schools are fully enrolled and currently NOT accepting transfer students in:
  • 7th-12th grades @ Captial Area K-12 Online
  • Dwight Rich
  • Eastern High School
  • Everett High School
  • Pattengill


In-District Transfer Form

In-District Transfer Form
Help for Student Current Grade Enter current grade of student.
Help for Email Address This email address will be used for all communications regarding your request.
Help for School Currently Attending School Currently Attending
Help for Requested School to Transfer To Requested School to Transfer To
Help for Documented Reason For Transfer Request All request require documentation as described. Medical documents can be uploaded below.
Medical Condition Documentation Help for Medical Condition Documentation If medical documentation is needed, press the "add file" button to browse and select a file to upload.
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