The Transportation Application is available in ParentVue. To fill the application out, please click the link below:

External LinkTransportation Application

  • For ParentVue Assistance, please contact your child’s school or the Enrollment Office at 517-755-2820.
  • You must request transportation for EACH student individually – this means you will need to request transportation for one student and then change the student profile to your other student(s) to request transportation for them.
  • Please note that ALL transportation options are FREE to our resident* students.

PDF Document How to Fill Out the Transportation Application

1. Parents will log into ParentVUE.

2. On the left hand side the parent will select “Transportation Application” from the list of tabs.

3. They will then click the link in the middle of the screen that says “Transportation Application.”

4. This will open the Transportation Application in a new tab and autofill the student ID of the student selected in ParentVUE.

5. The Parent will then complete the survey and progress based on their results. If they choose Gas Card or CATA Pass they are done. School Bus takes them to those questions. Then Daycare Options if needed and click submit.

6. If the parent has multiple students, they will return to the ParentVUE tab, still open and select the next student from the dropdown at the top and follow steps 3-6 again.

PDF DocumentSpeedway Gas Card Instructions

  1. Swipe/Insert card at pump or Inside station with attendant
  2. Follow prompts
  3. Select gas type and pump gas as needed

*Cards are reloaded each month by Lansing School District – Do Not Discard!
*Can be used at any Speedway Station. 

For further assistance, please call LSD Transportation Application Team at 517-755-1015. 

*Report Lost/Stolen Gas cards immediately to: We cannot reimburse funds that were on the lost/stolen gas cards. The Transportation Application Team will let you know when you can pick up your replacement.

CATA MapCATA and the Lansing School District have put together a special map, with specific routes for our students.

PDF DocumentCATA LSD Service Area Map


If you have any questions in regards to Transportation, please call 517-755-3017 or send an email to
*You must be a Lansing School District resident to be eligible for transportation.


Gas Card Image

$50 Speedway Gas Card

Families can still receive $50 per month, per child during the 2023-
2024 school year, with a total of $500 per child.

$50 for August and September 2023

$50/month thereafter
(October 2023 - June 2024)
*Gas card amounts may vary month-to-month
but changes will be announced in advance.

*Gas cards that were assigned to students who have been
added to a bus route will be locked by the end of the month.


Unlimited CATA Pass

Students can sign up for an unlimited ‘Student Semester’ CATA pass and expand their transportation options.

Ride to school? ✓
Ride to work? ✓
Ride to the mall? ✓
Ride to a friend’s house? ✓
CATA has your student covered!

31-Day Adult Pass (one per family)*
*Available upon request.

Visit CATA's website for routes.  PDF DocumentCATA FAQ's

External Link CATA Transit App


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Traditional Busing
for K-8 Students


The deadline to guarantee
a spot closed June 30th.

If you missed the deadline, you can be added to the wait list, and a
representative will contact you when a seat is available!

Visit Dean Transportation's website for more information on what
Dean is doing to keep your child safe.

*All subject to transportation requirements.

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