Families Overcoming Rough Times Program (F.O.R.T.)

Is your family in a temporary or inadequate living situation due to a loss of housing? If so, the F.O.R.T. Program may be able to assist your student.

The Families Overcoming Rough Times (F.O.R.T.) Program assists Lansing School District students who are living in temporary or inadequate living situations.

The F.O.R.T. Program assists qualified students with:

  • transportation to and from school from wherever the student is living
  • clothing necessary for the child to attend and participate in school
  • personal hygiene items and school supplies
  • cap and gown to participate in graduation commencement
  • enrollment within 24 hours, without required documentation if unavailable
  • & many other needs so that the student may fully participate and achieve at school.

If you or someone you know has children who attend school with the Lansing School District and are having difficulty maintaining a permanent and adequate residence due to

  • foreclosure
  • eviction or being asked to leave
  • safety concerns
  • housing code violation red tags
  • guardianship or suitable home placement
  • house fire
  • natural disasters
  • any other situation beyond their control

and are living with another family, shelter, motel, car, campground, or other place not meant for a person to live in permanently within the last 6 months, they may qualify.

Fill out this form or call Rose Taphouse, Lansing School District Homeless Coordinator, at 517-755-2813 for assistance.


Rose Taphouse

Homeless Program Coordinator

(517) 755-2816



Pamela Davis

Homeless Program Assistant

(517) 755-2815



11,500 Enrollment by 2025
85% Graduation Rate by 2025
90% Attendance by 2025