Office of School Culture

Cordelia Black

Executive Director of School Culture

Executive Director of the following departments, programs, initiatives and grants to improve School Culture and Climate:  Public SafetyTitle IX, District Support Specialist Program, Tier III Attendance, Homeless Program (FORT), Student ServicesSchool Nurse Program, Student Development ProgramHealth & Sex EducationMental Health (TEAMS Grant), U.S. Department of Justice STOP School Violence Grant, Culturally Responsive Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (CRPBIS), Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Parent Community Advisory Committee (PCAC) and Community Outreach.

Angela Warren
Leticia Chambers
Coordinator Secretary 
4200 Wainwright Ave.
Catherine Petrilli
Lansing, MI 48911 Project Manager
(517) 755-2800
(517) 755-2809 Fax  

Jennifer West
Dale Person
Director of Culture & Climate Director of Public Safety
Susan Wheeler
Christina Rios
Director of Health & Wellness Director of Mental Health


The Office of School Culture aims to help create a positive culture and predictable climate, promoting equity and access to services for all students with a focus on school safety, positive discipline and reinforcement, social emotional development, restorative practices, and health and wellness.

Using a restorative and trauma informed lens, we provide resources for students and families in the following areas:

  1. Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
  2. Mental and behavioral health support
  3. Basic needs and access to support
  4. Bio-psycho-social services
  5. Liaison between families and schools
  6. Wraparound services
  7. Systems coaching for administrators and school personnel
  8. Community referrals

Cordelia Black

Executive Director of School Culture 
(517) 755-2800

Angela Warren

Office Coordinator 
(517) 755-2802

Leticia Chambers

(517) 755-2804

Catherine Petrilli 

Project Manager
(517) 755-4682


Student Services


Shan Shaw

Student Services Specialist
(517) 755-2810


Families Overcoming Rough Times (F.O.R.T.)

Rose Taphouse

F.O.R.T. Homeless Coordinator
(517) 755-2816


Pamela Davis

F.O.R.T. Homeless Program Assistant 
(517) 755-2815



Bryan Crenshaw

Attendance Specialist 
(517) 755-2805


Charles Timms

Attendance Specialist 
(517) 755-2803


Health and Sex Education

Sarah Orleskie

Health Education Specialist and Sex Education Supervisor
(517) 755-5478


School Nurses

Jaime Croley

(517) 755-5483

Attwood, Lansing Tech & Eastern

Jennifer Davis

(517) 755-5480

Averill, Beekman, Cavanaugh,
Post Oak & Forest View

Tamara Treat

(517) 755-5485

Pattengill & Sexton

Kristina Eklund

(517) 755-5486 

Beekman, Cumberland, Riddle,
Sheridan Rd & Wexford

Marti Thelen

(517) 755-5491

Gier Park, Lyons & North 

Kate McCarthy

(517) 755-5765

Beekman Center

MaryBeth Braddick


Dwight Rich 

Randi Trumble

(517) 755-5482

Beekman, Kendon,
Lewton & Mt. Hope

Susan Lynn


Preschool & Universal Preschool 

Lori Rosendale



Connie Smith





District Support Specialists

Kylie Densmore


     Kristy McCarthy


Leslie Wertz 

(517) 755-4036

Morgan Baker


Mental Health Clinicians

Cha'Quan Love, MA, LLPC

Focus Schools: Dwight Rich & Lansing Technical High School

Aisleen Morr, LLMSW

Focus Schools: Attwood & Forest View

Jessica Troncoso, LMSW

Focus Schools: Wexford & Mt. Hope


STAR Grant Interventionists


Kendall Nishibayashi

STAR Intervention Specialist
(517) 755-4012


Rachel Alexander

STAR Intervention Specialist
(517) 755-2983




  • 29 May
    • (PCAC) Parent Community Advisory Council Meeting
      Date: May 29
      Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
      Location: Dr. Halik Center 4200 Wainwright Ave. Lansing, MI 48911
      Cost: Free
      Calendar: Office of School Culture Calendar

      Free dinner and childcare will be provided.

      The conversation will focus on a Lansing School District Grants Presentation.

      The full PCAC calendar can be found on our website at

11,500 Enrollment by 2025
85% Graduation Rate by 2025
90% Attendance by 2025