Office of School Culture

Cordelia Black

Executive Director of School Culture

Associate Superintendent of programs, initiatives, and grants to improve School Culture:  Project PEACE, Student Services, CRPBIS, Nursing, Health Education, Homebound Services, Public Safety, Athletics, FORT Program, and Student Support Specialist Program, Health & Sex Ed, Community Outreach, Homeless / Foster Care, CRPBIS, Social Emotional Learning, STAR Grant, Student Services Consultation Team, Nurses, PCAC, Student Support Specialist, Attendance Team, Mental Health, Title IX

Angela Dillard


4200 Wainwright Ave.
Lansing, MI 48911
(517) 755-2800
(517) 755-2809 Fax

Chris Henderson
Bruce Lankheet
District Athletic Director Director of Public Safety
Jennifer West
Director of Culture & Climate  

The Office of School Culture aims to help create a positive culture and predictable climate for all students with a focus on positive discipline and reinforcement, social emotional development, restorative practices, and holistic health and wellness.

Using a restorative and trauma informed lens, we provide resources for students and families in the following areas:

  1. Social emotional learning;

  2. Mental and behavioral health support;

  3. Basic needs and access to support;

  4. Bio-psycho-social services;

  5. Liaison between families and schools;

  6. Wraparound services;

  7. Systems coaching to administrators and school personnel; and

  8. Community referrals. 

Cordelia Black

Executive Director of School Culture 

(517) 755-2800

 Executive Director of programs, initiatives, and grants to improve School  Culture: Culturally Responsive Positive Behavior Interventions  and Supports (CRPBIS),  School Climate Transformation Grant, Student Services, Nursing, Health and Sex Education, Homebound Services, Public Safety, Athletics, FORT Program, and Student Support Specialist Program.



Angela Dillard     

Office Coordinator 

(517) 755-2802


Shan Shaw

Student Services Specialist

(517) 755-2810
 Collaborates with school administration, school staff, and students and their families to   develop and implement individual and school-wide intervention strategies to decrease   negative student behaviors and to increase student engagement through systems of support   of improve culture and climate as well as maintain compliance with the Student Handbook

Rose Taphouse

Homeless Coordinator

(517) 755-2816
 Coordinator of Families Overcoming Rough Times (F.O.R.T.) Program, which is the Homeless program. 


Pamela Davis

Homeless Program Assistant 

(517) 755-2815
 Support staff for the Families Overcoming Rough Times (F.O.R.T.) program working with   homeless youth and their families.

Bryan Crenshaw

Truancy Support Specialist 

(517) 755-2805
 Support staff for the District's Truancy Program. Assists with serving students and families   and providing interventions to reduce absenteeism

Elizabeth Perez

Health Education Specialist and Sex Education Supervisor

(517) 755-4869
 Instructor of Puberty the Wonder Years and coordinator of pregnancy prevention and human   development and sexuality education for the District.


Homebound Teacher

(517) 755-2803

 Communicates and collaborates with teacher(s) at school on student progress, provides   tutorial services to help student gain basic information to complete assignments, obtains   work from the student's school, and returns work when complete.

Chris Henderson

District Athletic Director

 (517) 755-5694

Daniel Pham

District Athletic Coordinator

 (517) 755-4591



School Nurses

Susan Wheeler 

(517) 755-5487
 Center for Success, Dwight Rich, Eastern, 
 Gier Park & Sheridan Road


Erin Darnell

(517) 755-5488
 North, Post Oak, Pattengill & Wexford

Tamara Treat

(517) 755-5485
 Lewton, Reo & Sexton


Amanda Gailitis

(517) 755-5484 
 Attwood, Mt. Hope, Lyons & Riddle

Rebecca Hoff

(517) 755-5486


Kate McCarthy

(517) 755-5765
 Beekman Center

MaryBeth Braddick

 Dwight Rich 


Randi Trumble

(517) 755-5541

Jennifer Davis

 Averill & Everett 


Jessica Comer

 Cavanaugh,  Dwight Rich & Kendon

Kellie Minarik


 Beekman, Cumberland, Willow & Woodcreek 

Student Support Specialists

WJ Davis

(517) 755-4742

Theresa Van Fleet

(517) 755-5563


Cary Johnson  

(517) 755-4958
Averill New Tech Elementary 


Leslie Ann Hadley

(517) 755-5636
Lyons Elementary School

Natalie McQueary

(517) 755-1250
Cavanaugh STEAM Elementary

 Marsu McAdoo

(517) 755-5675
Mt. Hope STEAM


Willetta Ewing  

(517) 755-2282
Cumberland Elementary School 


(517) 755-4844

North School


Jessica Braga-Henebry

(517) 755-1160
Dwight Rich School of Arts

Jalissa Huntley

(517) 755- 5890
Pattengill Biotechnical Magnet School


Nancy Suarez-Long

(517) 755-5221
Dwight Rich School of Arts

Diamonda Edmond

(517) 755-5457
Post Oak International 


Aaron Mendez

(517) 755-2057
Eastern High School

Dr. Carolyn Stone

(517) 755-2628
Reo Elementary School


Lindsey Robinson 

(517) 755-4256
Eastern High School   

Kristy McCarthy                  

(517) 755-4315
Riddle Elementary School


Denise Griffin

(517) 755-4489
Everett High School 

Clarence Hassel, Jr.

(517) 755-4676
 J.W. Sexton High School


Emerson Sheffey

(517) 755-4432
Everett High School

Brittney Powell

(517) 755-1630
Sheridan Road


Abigail Nowiski

(517) 755-2331
 Forest View Elementary School 

Lee Porter

(517) 755-2747
Wexford Montessori


Javeeta Kyle

(517) 755-2125
 Gardner International Magnet School 

Christopher Rollins

 Willow Elementary School


Kimberly Pelette

(517) 755-5157
 Gier Park Elementary School 


(517) 755-1700  

 Woodcreek Montessori 


Kieshaune Perkins 

(517) 755-1450
 Kendon Elementary School 

James "Otis" Davis

(517) 887-4341
 Ingham County Youth Center



Mental Health Specialists

Christine Zouaoui

(517) 755-4040
Dwight Rich School of Arts



Pattengill Biotechnical Magnet School


Sharon Truss 

(517) 755-1630
Sheridan Road STEM

Julia Dawson

(517) 755-4415
Everett High School


Open Position

STAR Grant Director 


Amber Foster

STAR Intervention Specialist

(517) 755-4012


Randall Hester

STAR Intervention Specialist

(517) 755-2983
Work with Culturally Responsive Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (CRPBIS)  Teams to establish a positive culture and climate throughout the District. Specifically addressing what interventions are available at schools to help reduce disciplinary outcomes, increase attendance, and prevent disparities.


11,500 Enrollment by 2025
85% Graduation Rate by 2025
90% Attendance by 2025