Sign-up for “Supporting Children through Grief and Loss”

Sign up for “Supporting Children through Grief and Loss”

Facilitator - Cary Johnson, Student Support Specialist
Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 5:30-6:30pm

Grief and loss are inevitable aspects of life which often have lasting effects on children.  We often view grief and loss solely as the death of a loved one, however this phenomenon is often caused by a change in environment (homelessness, switching schools, incarceration of a loved one, divorce, etc).Due to their developmental level , children often have difficulty understanding and expressing themselves appropriately following situations involving grief and loss. Questions may arise such as “Why did God do this”, “Will I ever see him/her again” “Is it my fault that they are gone?”. Children may begin to engage in inappropriate behaviors, become withdrawn, lose interest in activities that were once desirable, and express suicidal ideation. Participants will learn strategies to assist children throughout the grieving process, as well as signs/triggers to pay attention to following a change in environment or the loss of a loved one. The facilitator will provide participants with group exercises using real life case scenarios to enhance understanding and critical thinking skills related to grief and loss.


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