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Lansing Reading is Fundamental is a program that gives books to all students in the Lansing Schools, Pre-K through 12th grade. Students receive a book to choose for themselves and keep at each of three distributions throughout the school year. Since 1975, with the Lansing Schools, RIF has followed the mission of “helping children love to read.” Studies show that the value of a book in the hands of children develops lifelong reading habits, leading to academic success. RIF has done that in Lansing over 2 million times.

RIF is supported in-kind by the Lansing Schools, which provides office space at the Dr. Eva L. Evans Welcome Center and staff salary. Financing for the purchase of books for the program comes from the community, as Lansing RIF no longer receives any federal funding. We rely on volunteers (parents and staff) in the schools to promote RIF and assist with the book distributions. To become a volunteer, contact your school’s principal.

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Melanie Baker

Lansing RIF (Reading is Fundamental)

Dr. Eva L. Evans Welcome Center
2400 Pattengill Ave.
517-755-4966 and/or Melanie.baker@lansingschools.net

11,500 Enrollment by 2025
85% Graduation Rate by 2025
90% Attendance by 2025