Community Learning Center

The CLC is a welcoming and safe space located in the Dr. Eva L. Evans Welcome Center, available by appointment, and filled with useful materials and resources to support Lansing School District Staff, Students, & Families, as well as the community at large.

Marney Turner - CLC Coordinator

Dr. Eva L. Evans Welcome Center
2400 Pattengill Ave.


Mission Statement: 


The Community Learning Center’s (CLC) mission is to promote educational excellence in a welcoming and safe place that serves a diverse population of students, families, educators, and community within the Lansing School District.


Vision Statement:


The Vision of the CLC is to cultivate a safe, cooperative learning space for Lansing School District students, their families, and their community; that fosters growth, embraces diversity, and looks to find creative and innovative means to meet the educational needs of our community through technological advancement, learning, collaboration, and meaningful partnership.



  • Collaboration and Partnership
  • Community
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Innovation and Ideas
  • Learning
  • Respect


  • STAFF - Lansing School District instructional and support staff
  • OTHERS - Non LSD Staff
    • Lansing School District volunteers
    • Parents, guardians, or caregivers of children enrolled in the district Organizations serving our schools
    • Childcare providers in Lansing School District area


For school or educational purposes only.


PDF DocumentResource Books -   2-week check-out
PDF DocumentEllison Die Cuts  -   as much as you have paper
Devices -   By appointment only



Lamination -   15 yards per year
Poster Board -   3 per visit, 12 per semester
Construction Paper -   5 per visit, 25 per semester
Bulletin Board Paper -   5 yards per semester
Book Binding -   1 per semester



Google FormsBook Request Form - 2-week check out
Lamination -   25 yards per year
Poster Board - 3 per visit, 15 per semester
Construction Paper - 5 per visit, 40 per semester
Bulletin Board Paper - 10 yards per semester
Book Binding - 24 per semester
Google FormsCricut Requests - 1 request of 30 characters
per semester



Construction paper, poster board, bulletin board paper, card stock. Refer to previous page for allocations. Scissors, glue, and tape available for onsite use. For school or educational purposes only.


Free -for school or educational purposes only. Laminating footage must be recorded and remain within allocation per semester.


The CLC has a Cricut Maker to provide additional Die Cut image options.
Google FormsPlace a Cricut request by clicking here!

DIE CUTS & Binding

Lots of shapes and letters to cut out using the Ellison machines. Using either paper provided from the CLC (within the parameters), or as much as desired if paper is brought from participant.

PDF DocumentDie Cut Inventory

Spiral binding of student or classroom projects - lots of sizes.


There are a selection of Laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads available for use in the CLC - by appointment only. Devices are to be used for school or job related uses only. It’s strongly encouraged that participant bring along a USB or utilize a cloud-based storage system for all work. No printing available from devices.


Activities & instructional material organized by level and content area. Anyone can check anything out for 2 weeks. Please, no writing in the materials.

PDF DocumentCLC Resource Book Catalog

Google FormsBook Request Form

External LinkVisit our Google Classroom for more digital resources by clicking here.
*Google login required


Community Learning Center Drop-In Schedule

For questions or to schedule an alternative time please contact: or call 517-755-4110

PDF DocumentAccess the 22-23 SY Cultural Calendar by clicking here!

The CLC is open for drop-in at the following times:

11,500 Enrollment by 2025
85% Graduation Rate by 2025
90% Attendance by 2025