Music Appreciation


K-3 Resources

The Music Show: Episode 1 - What is Beat?



The Lion Hunt

Practice pattern recognition with this popular call and response song!



Orchestral Music Listening

This symphony orchestra is putting on a surprise performance of Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy'.  The piece of music is based on one simple melody, or tune, that is passed from one instrument to another, as more & more instruments add their voices to the mix.  Which instrument did you enjoy the most?



The Muppets Tell Time

The Gills Brothers' "Sixty seconds got together"



GoNoodle App

Access this fun, free app for a variety of kid-friendly movement and dance activities!

External LinkGo Noodle App

Sesame Street Series

Since schools closing in March, Sesame Street has posted a huge range of music resources for kids at home. Browse them here for free:

External LinkSesame Street Videos

4-8 Resources


Cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason from Great Britain started performing in his teens.  Here he played for the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan.  Can you hear or see the musicians who are accompanying him?  What instruments do you hear?



Soprano and Trumpet

Kathleen Battle, soprano and Wynton Marsalis, trumpeter are world-famous musicians performing together.  A duet is a piece for 2 performers.  As they sing and play do the musicians have the same notes at the same time?  Are there any other musicians performing?  What is the mood of this piece?
Seraph - a celestial being, often called an angel


All Your works shall praise You - John Rodriques

Sacred music is religious music.  Music is part of most religious traditions.  In this example you will hear a large choir perform with orchestra.  Do the singers sing in unison (all voices on one melody) or do they harmonize (two or more notes sounding at the same time)?  In the orchestra, how many instruments  can you name?  How would you describe the work of the conductor?



Gospel Medley

This selection includes the Howard University Gospel Choir and professional singers (including two duets).  What instruments do you hear?  Can you describe the differences in the songs of each group?  Tempo? Rhythm? Melodies or harmonies?



Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake"

Misty Copeland is a ballerina.  In this video, she performs ballet dance moves in many places.   The music you hear a selection from Tchaikovsky's ballet, "Swan Lake."  How do the music and dances go together?  



Mexican Dance

These dancers are moving to Mariachi music.  Do you know when and where this music started?  What instruments do you see and hear?  How many times during the video does the beat change from 2 beats to 3 beats per measure?



Palestinian Dabke

This dance, called the Dabke is performed by people from Palestine.  Is the Dabke performed in other places?  What instruments are playing?  How is the rhythm of the music the same or different from the moves of the dancers?


Joyful, Joyful 

Have you ever tried singing and dancing at the same time?  Try it.  Was this song written for the movie?  If you said, "No," you are correct.  Who is the original composer of this piece?  Was it part of a dance?  Is this a sacred piece?
Is there a tempo change in this version of the song?



Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Aida"

Simon Estes, bass baritone and Leontyne Price, soprano are opera singers or singer actors who are performing in Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Aida."  Simon Estes is King Amonasro of Ethiopia and Leontyne Price is his daughter, Aida.  They are singing in Italian.  As you listen and watch them, imagine they are singing.  Does the music convey any emotion?  Is there more than one feeling being expressed?



Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra

Vocalist Ruben Blades is joined by the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra to perform this mambo.   Mambo is a music & dance style that developed in Cuban dance halls during the 1940's.  Band leader Wynton Marsalis plays a solo towards the end of the song - what instrument is he playing?



White House Blues Celebration

Trombone Shorty performs this blues standard for a White House celebration of the blues.  Blues has been popular for over 100 years partly because blues music tends to focus on everyday problems that people can relate to.  Do you recognize any famous people in the audience during the performance?




Master drummer Faisal Zedan performs on the darbuka, also known as derbakki or doumbek.  The darbuka is a single-head drum with a body shaped like a goblet.  Unlike most other drums which are held in front of the body or between the knees, the darbuka is held asymmetrically across one knee.



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