October 10, 2018

Eastern Fields Construction Update


• The new stadium has produced the most visible progress in the past month with the erection of the home and visitor grand-stands, the installation of foundations for the new concession building, and the placement of gravel for the running track and the new artificial turf field.
• At the west portion of the site, temporary fencing has been relocated to allow access to the Don Johnson Field House from the west over a newly constructed drive and sidewalk. For school events in the Don Johnson Fieldhouse, the new parking lot at the new softball field will be available for use.
• Major grading and site development activities are complete in the area east of the fieldhouse. Most areas in the eastern portion of the site have been seeded.
• The new parking area has had the base course of asphalt installed and will be topped in the spring of 2019, after construction on the new softball field is completed.
• All Eastern HS parking areas are accessible. Work on the north parking lot (adjacent to Orchard Street) has progressed to the point where gravel is installed and is ready for paving in mid-October.

• As some residents have noted, the new storm water retention area does not fully drain at this time, and because this area was designed as an extra practice field, our engineer is looking at how to improve drainage.
• Work on the softball field will continue over the next several weeks with the installation of fencing, stone dust, and final grading and seeding.
• Site lighting poles will be erected soon, and re-construction of the tennis courts is beginning.
• Looking forward through the fall and winter, work will slow down but will consist of finalizing the site grading, additional paving, installation of permanent fencing and final landscaping. We’ll also continue construction of the buildings in the football/soccer/track stadium and the softball dugouts.
• Next summer, the entrance to the site at Shiawassee Street will be re-built, the final top coat of asphalt will be placed, the track surface will be coated with the rubber surfacing, and all finishing touches will be addressed.

All aspects of the Eastern Fields project will be wrapped up in August 2019, just in time for next year’s fall sports season.

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