November 11, 2022

Lansing School District picks Sexton Scorpions to replace Big Reds as school mascot and name

The Lansing School Board of Education has approved changing the J.W. Sexton High School mascot name.  After months of student, staff, alumni, and community input, the students presented their top four names to the Lansing Board of Education last night. After discussing the four names, the Board of Education unanimously approved the Scorpions as the new mascot name, which was one of the top student picks. The logo will remain the Block S, with removing the 2.  The mascot will go into artistic development immediately.

“I’m proud to be the biggest Sexton Big Red fan of them all,” said Board of Education President Gabrielle Lawrence.  “But the fact is, we know it’s time for a change.  The stereotypes the Big Red mascots of the past reinforced were hurtful to our Native American community, and we are past due on a change.  Everyone was involved in changing the name, and if Scorpions wasn’t a first choice, it was always a top pick for most people.  The Sexton Scorpions will be great in any activity they participate in the future.”

“We appreciate all the community and staff input, and we will all look forward to creating the mascot,” said Sexton Principal Dan Boggan III.

The Lansing School District and J.W. Sexton High School were awarded an $87,500 grant from the Native American Heritage Fund in August of this year. The process involved students, staff, alums, and community input on the design of the new Scorpions mascot.  Once the final design is approved, it will be revealed at a student pep rally before the winter break and fully implanted by the start of the 2023-24 school year.

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