May 31, 2023

Nearly $1 Million "Grow Your Own" teachers state grant to be received

Funds will be used to recruit and support local teachers.


For more information contact: Robert Kolt 517-706-0001

May 30, 2023 Lansing School District to receive nearly $1 million state grant to “Grow Your Own” teachers

(Lansing, MI) The Lansing School District has received a grant of nearly $1 million through the State of Michigan Department of Education to support a “Grow Your Own” program designed to recruit and support local Lansing teachers and staff who want to be certified instructors in a specialized area of education. Details about the grant and new program will be released at a news conference scheduled for noon on Wednesday May 31, in the Lansing School District Board of Education room in the Shirley M. Rodgers Administration Building, located at 519 W. Kalamazoo Street in Lansing.

“This grant is specifically targeted at helping Lansing teachers and people who want to qualify to become Lansing School District teachers,” said superintendent Ben Shuldiner. “There are many specialized areas of teaching that require state certification. This grant will be a fantastic tool in helping recruit, attract and create certified teachers who want to be here working in our Lansing schools with the kids they know in the school district they love.”

The grant totaling $959,694 is part of the America Rescue Plan Funding (ARPA) money and is designed to support schools hit hardest by the COVID pandemic. The Lansing School District has been struggling like other districts over the past several years hit hard by COVID as teachers have retired or left the profession for many reasons, including seeking higher paying jobs. Classes in some schools have been covered by substitute teachers or fulltime district-employed substitute teachers who may not have qualified certifications in areas like Special Education, Art, Math, Physical Education or many other education specializations required by the state.

The Lansing Grow Your Own program will screen applicants working in the Lansing School District now who are recommended and want to pursue an education specialization certificate, and then through a partnership with Central Michigan University the grant money will used to help pay for the required education credits and classes if the participant meets established goals for certification. The teacher is then guaranteed a job in the Lansing School District teaching in their area of specialty.

11,500 Enrollment by 2025
85% Graduation Rate by 2025
90% Attendance by 2025