October 27, 2022

Access 411 One Card on Dean Buses

Lansing School District families,

As you know, we introduced the Access 411 One Card (student ID system) last year to help add additional safety measures for our students. Your schools have been using these in the morning when students arrive. This week, we started a pilot on some of the Dean School buses, and on November 7, all Lansing School District Dean buses will be operating the One Card system.

Some benefits of the One Card being used on the Dean Bus are:

  • Safety and security of your student
  • Verifying your student is on the bus
  • Verifying students are on the correct bus
  • Gathering data on busing routes so the district can make informed adjustments

Please ensure your children have their cards when they leave the house in the morning, as they will be asked to swipe the One Card multiple times throughout the day.

If you have any questions regarding this, please email tat@lansingschools.net

Thank you,
The Lansing School District

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