February 14, 2023

Letter to Families - Tuesday, Feb 14th

Dear Lansing School District Families,

We will resume school tomorrow. Our crisis management team will be available at schools to help students and staff navigate the thoughts and emotions this tragedy may evoke. Please feel free to call your child’s school or the Office of School Culture at 517-755-2800 for additional support. You may also click HERE for additional resources. 

If you are interested in resources outside of school for you or your family, please consider the CEI Community Mental Health hotline, which can be reached at (517) 346-8460. In addition, the Michigan State University hotline can be reached at (517) 355-8270, and press '1' at the prompt. 

All athletic games and practices for this evening have been canceled, with the exception of the Sexton wrestling team, who will still be practicing as they will be competing in the MHSAA Team District title tournament tomorrow. 

Please take care of yourself and each other. 


The Lansing School District

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