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Word DocumentPurchasing Procedures
PDF DocumentPurchasing - eFinance Guide

General Conditions and Instructions to Bidders

1. Proposals shall be submitted on forms furnished by owner. Two copies of the bid proposal form are enclosed – one for the bidders file. The proposal shall be in accordance with the specifications listed which are available the Lansing School District Purchasing Office. Any variance from the specifications shall be fully explained in writing by the Bidder and all prices quoted shall be on the unit price basis.


Proposals shall be mailed in a opaque, sealed envelope and shall be clearly marked describing the project upon which the bid is made.

3. No oral, telegraphic proposals or modifications will be considered.

Any bidder may withdraw their bid at any time prior to the scheduled time of opening the bids upon presentation of proper identification. After the opening of the bids no proposal shall be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days.

Proposals shall be made on the proper forms provided by the owner. All spaces shall be properly filled in with ink or typewriter. The signatures shall be in longhand in ink by an authorized representative.

The naming of a manufacturer, brand or model number shall not be considered as excluding other brands or models. Specifically, similar products with comparable construction, material and workmanship shall be considered as equal. However, the Board of Education of the Lansing School District shall evaluate the merits of all bids submitted and reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

It is the intent of the attached specifications to define the minimum quality of equipment acceptable. The product lines of nationally recognized manufacturers who regularly advertise, promote and distribute catalog products to the school market are required.

Samples shall be submitted upon request at the expense of each bidder. These samples will be retained as control items until the completion of delivery and installation.

Any explanations of contract documents will be issued in the form of an addendum.

All addenda issued during the bidding time shall become part of the specifications. A copy of the addendum shall be sent to all bidders. No verbal statements by the owner shall be considered as authoritative. No requests for explanations can be processed within four (4) days immediately prior to the bid opening date.

All variations from the specified material or equipment shall be fully explained and included with the bid. Manufacturer shall be used in all cases.

The contractor shall pay for all royalties, and patents and shall defend all suits for claims or infringements on patent rights and save the owner harmless from loss on account thereof.

The contractor shall, at all times keep the premises free from accumulations of waste materials or same caused by the work; and upon completing the work, shall remove all work related rubbish from and about the building and shall leave the work broom clean, or its equivalent. In the case of dispute, the owner may remove the rubbish and charge the cost to the contractor as the owner shall determine.

Each proposal submitted shall include, and the contractor shall pay, all taxes which are levied by the Federal, State, and Municipal Governments, on labor and for materials entering into the work. The owner reserves the right to require evidence of such taxes prior to final payment. In compliance with the regulations of the Michigan Sales Tax Commission, no Sales Tax is to be included in the proposal. The School District is exempt from Federal Excise tax.

The owner may request any or all bidders to submit any of the following information
before the award of the contract:

A. A bidders performance record.
B. The address and description of bidders equipment, plant or permanent place of business.
C. An itemized list of the bidders equipment, plant and personnel.
D. A bidders financial statement.
E. A description of any project which the bidder has completed in a satisfactory manner.
F. Such additional information as will satisfy the owner that the bidder is adequately prepared to fulfill the contract.
G. Description of work which will be don simultaneously with the owners project.

The contracts shall be deemed as having been awarded when the formal notice of acceptance of his proposal has been duly served upon the intended awardee by some officer or agent of the owner duly authorized to give such notice.

Each contractor shall furnish the owner a written guarantee running for one (1) year after the final payment covering all work in the contract. Any defects in workmanship or materials for which a claim is submitted within this period shall be corrected.

The Proposals submitted shall be based upon the specifications contained herein.

The Board of Education of the Lansing School District reserves the right to reject any or all bids in whole or in part and to accept the bid or portion or bid that, in their opinion, best serves the interests of the School District.

18. Contractors and subcontractors are required not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment, to be employed in the performance of this contract, with respect to hire, tenure, terms, conditions or privileges of employment, because of race, color, religion, national origin, or ancestry or also because of age or sex, except based on a bona fide occupational qualification. Breach of this covenant may be regarded as a material breach of the contract of purchasing agreement as provided in the Michigan Fair Employment Practices Act and may be processed thereunder. See Policy 7410.

For Questions: 


The accounts payable office processes payments to persons, companies and agencies. These payments are generally classified the following types:

  • Purchase order payments
  • Purchasing Card Log and Receipts
  • Contracted service payments
  • Mileage Reimbursements
  • Others

Invoices, purchase orders and receipts are documented and matched before payment is made. Please be aware that employee verification of receipt of merchandise is required for most purchase order payments. Staff members should notify the Accounts Payable Department when an order is received by signing and forwarding the original invoice or the packing slip. All original invoices are to be sent directly to the Accounts Payable Department.

Payments are processed weekly (currently on Thursdays). Please allow five working days, plus time for necessary approvals for payment processing.

Q. How do I notify the Accounts Payable Office of a receipt of a shipment?

A. Please send a copy of the packing slip and/or original invoice marked "received by" with your name to the Accounts Payable Office by courier or e-mail.

Updated: August 29, 2012

Lansing School District Purchasing Contracts

The Lansing School District Purchasing Office uses contract purchasing to allow for pre-approved contracts to meet routinely expected purchasing requirements. This process avoids the need to initiate the sometimes lengthy process of bidding and contract approval after the need for an item arises. The contract purchasing system allows for departments and schools to request open (or blanket) purchase orders prior to the actual time of need for supplies or materials. This system of just-in-time purchasing allows for more immediate availability of items that are routinely purchased while meeting bidding requirements.

This is a current (partial) list of purchasing contracts in use within the District.

External LinkLansing School District Map - Link to MDE Website
Word DocumentAffidavit of Bidder - This completed, notarized form is required to be submitted with formal bids form.
PDF DocumentFund Raising Supplier Application
PDF DocumentRegistry of Education Personel - MI School Code
PDF DocumentRegistry of Education Personel Reporting - Contracted service providers, please see the attached
PDF DocumentSupplier/ Vendor Application - If you would like to be added to our supplier list or need to update information you can print this form and fax it to our office. Fax 517-755-3019.
External LinkSIGMA (State of Michigan Finance & Procurement)



If you are having problems with viewing or printing a bid or document please contact our office, we will be able to either fax you a copy or email you a copy of the bid/document that you are requesting.
Please call the Purchasing Office at 517-755-3030.

Request for Proposals:
PDF DocumentSO-1797 Pattengill Elementary Modular Classroom BP#2
PDF DocumentSO-1797 Pattengill Mod BP#2 Addendum 1
PDF DocumentSO-1797 Pattengill Mod BP#2 Addendum 2
PDF DocumentSO-1799 Master Facilities Plan
PDF DocumentSO-1799 MFP Addendum 1
PDF DocumentSO-1799 MFP Addendum 2
PDF DocumentSO-1799 MFP Addendum 3
PDF DocumentSO-1801 Gardner GSRP Restrooms
PDF DocumentSO-1801 Gardner Addendum 1
PDF DocumentSO-1802 Hill Center Track Replacement
PDF DocumentSO-1802 Hill Track Addendum 1
PDF DocumentSO-1802 Hill Track Addendum 2
PDF DocumentSO-1803 Newcomer Center Renovations
PDF DocumentSO-1803 Newcomer Addendum 1

PDF DocumentSale of Education Center
PDF DocumentSale of Vacant Land South of the Former C.W. Otto Middle School Building

External LinkSIGMA (State of Michigan Finance & Procurement)
External LinkBid Awards/Tabulation information - If you are looking for bid tabulations for bids-please go to Board of Education, under BoardBook Agenda's/Minutes
PDF DocumentBid Attachments - This packet includes copies of forms that must be included in all sealed bids.
Word DocumentBackground Checks - Michigan School Code
Word DocumentBuilding Information - Data as of October 2009
PDF DocumentBuilding Information - Ceilings

PDF DocumentContracted Service Agreement 08.11.23
PDF DocumentPurchasing - Michigan School Code
PDF DocumentVendor Application - Whether your a new Vendor or just want to update your application, please print and email or fax the completed application to us at purchasing@lansingschools.net or (517) 755-3029

PDF DocumentBoard Policy 3800 Fund-Raising and Student Activity Fund - This is the Board Policy for fundraising
PDF DocumentHandling of Cash - Some do's and don'ts
PDF DocumentSales Tax Information
PDF DocumentSuppliers Approval Process - The process of approval for vendors for fund-raising.
PDF DocumentCrowdfunding Procedures and Request Form
PDF DocumentFundraising Approval Process

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District Purchasing Cards

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